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Two Players to Avoid in 2016?

LeSean McCoy | RB BUF

Sure, he might actually avoid disciplinary action in his connection with a February nightclub fight in Philly, however, the guy will be 28 when the 2016 NFL season begins. Now, in redraft, or for those in keeper leagues that are only counting on keeping McCoy for 1-2 more years (max), he isn’t too risky. He could have a solid 2016, so don’t panic if you own him and have no super long term plans for the guy. But, we advise dynasty owners to shop the guy given he will be entering his 28-age season and has always kind of been an injury worry. He has played 12, 16, 16 and 12 games over his last four years, and the concussion issues will never vanish. He is a risky long-term hold, but should only be sold high.

Tony Romo | QB DAL

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Tony Romo plans to undergo a Mumford procedure on his left collarbone. This is likely to take place in a week or so. This is not a good sign for Romo. The procedure is expected to lower the odds of him breaking the bone again, and the recovery timetable is 6-8 weeks. While many suggest that Romo should be healthy for training camp, and well before it begins, we say shop the QB just as soon as he gets back to throwing and healthy. Could he regain his previous form and never injure the collarbone again? Sure, but why take the chance if you can sell high later? Selling high now isn’t likely an option, again, wait until he hits the field and look back to healthy, as he will during camp and into the preseason. Of course, this is advise for those in dynasty/keeper leagues. For those in redraft leagues, I wouldn’t count on Romo unless you have an equal-type backup behind him.

Smitty’s 2015 Redraft Rankings; Smitty’s 2015 Dynasty Rankings.

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Hey STARTERS Nation:

Of course, we have our Draft Analyzer here at STARTERS, which cranks out custom cheat sheets using an industry-leading predictive algorithm. However, I also provide my personal redraft and dynasty rankings outside of the Analyzer rankings, just to give all you fantasy fanatics another list to look at. Use them all, you can never get enough info to mix together! Below are both the updated dynasty and redraft links!

NOTE: Due to endless requests for it, I have added a tiering system to both sets of rankings!

Redraft Rankings Dynasty Rankings

NEWS: Aaron Rodgers (calf) active and will start Divisional Playoff game against Cowboys.

SMITTY: No surprise here. While anything can go down on Sundays, this should be a high scoring game, which is fantastic for all. Looking for Week 19 Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings?

NEWS: Aaron Rodgers and team not concerned over calf?

SMITTY: The team doesn’t appear to be worried about his calf, and neither are we. Expect him to be ready to rumble against the Cowboys in a Divisional battle. This should be a high-scoring event for all those Cowboys and Packers players. Looking for Week 19 Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings?

NEWS: DeMarco Murray admits broken hand was hurting during Week 16 game.

SMITTY: He wasn’t involved in the passing game, which was kind of expected, but many sources believe that should change in Week 17, as he should be a touch healthier. Because there is still some playoff round clinching to do for the Cowboys, we expect Murray to play, and play well (same goes for Romo down to Dez), in Week 17, but check back all week to ensure he suffers no setbacks with the hand! Looking for Week 16 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Tony Romo has two fractured transverse processes and remains questionable for Week 9.

SMITTY: Despite the “two fractured transverse processes”, Tony Romo still has a shot to start Week 9 against the Cardinals. Still, most sources are predicting that he sits, so really it’s just a “shot” at this point. If Romo sits, something you will want to monitor our News Wire and Smart Alerts for, expect a bump down stat-wise for both Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams, and while DeMarco Murray’s workload will surely increase, his yards-per-rush certainly won’t, especially against that Cardinals’ rushing defense. Don’t get us wrong, Murray is always a must-start, as all it takes is one TD run by him to have a great day, but a more balanced attack (led by Romo) is just better for the rushing attack. Brandon Weeden will start against the Cards if Romo can’t go. Stay tuned. Looking for Week 9 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Tony Romo (back) will participate in practice Saturday.

SMITTY: He is still the definition of a game-time decision, so stay glued to our news wire and Smart Alerts heading into kickoff. Romo playing affects all Cowboy players from a fantasy perspective. Looking for Week 9 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Tony Romo questionable for Week 9 with back; RG3 on waivers in your league?

SMITTY: Tony Romo (back) is listed as questionable for Week 9 against AZ. After three missed practices, he is sounding more questionable to doubtful, but expect a game-time decision here. If he sits, downgrade Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams a bit, and while this could go either way with the rushing game, our take is AZ will just focus more on shutting down the run, and they already are one of the toughest teams to run against. A more balanced offense, so Romo playing, is better for Murray owners, but then again, all it takes is one monster TD run by Murray, so anything can happen. Stay tuned on Romo via our Smart Alerts, which we will send out Sunday morning. For now, though, Romo owners better start preparing to use someone else, like maybe a Robert Griffin III who might just be on your waiver wire? Looking for Week 9 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Tony Romo (back) is at best questionable for Week 9 against AZ?

SMITTY: According to Ian Fitzsimmons, of ESPN Radio, Tony Romo (back injury) is “questionable” at best for Week 9 against the Cardinals. This situation got a lot worse as yesterday moved along. Initially reported not to be the same back issue that ended Romo’s 2013 season, the injury is clearly something to be worried about if you own the passer in fantasy leagues. We will keep you posted via this news wire and via our Smart Alerts, so keep checking back with us. Without Romo in Week 9, Dez Bryant would get a bump down stat-wise, and even though one would think it could mean more running for DeMarco Murray, really, a balanced offense is the best thing for ground success against a mean Arizona rushing defense — Murray owners want Romo under center! Looking for Week 9 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Tony Romo suffers back contusion; a concern for Week 9 against AZ?

SMITTY: Tony Romo left the game on Monday night and missed two possessions, but he later returned in the 4th quarter, but was clearly bothered by his back. He was sacked upon his return and fumbled, and of course the Cowboys suffered a loss. We will keep you posted on his back heading into a tough Week 9 against a mean Cardinals’ defense. Looking for Week 9 Power Rankings?