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Week 12 Buy Lows and Sell Highs + Radio Full Show

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Each week, Russ Bliss hosts his weekly Fantasy Football Radio Show, the Red Zone, on NBC Sports Radio 1060am. This is the longest running fantasy football radio show in the world, going on 20 years. Listen to Smitty and Russ discuss everything Week 12, from add/drops, start bench advice, injuries, trade advice and more.

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Week 11 Buy Low Sell High

Below we have our Week 11 Buy-Low/Sell-High. Take a listen to Smitty and Russ talk specifically about: Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Devonta Freeman, Todd Gurley, Spencer Ware, DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant and more.

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Week 10 Buy Low Sell High

Below we have our Week 10 Buy-Low/Sell-High. Take a listen to Smitty and Russ talk specifically about: Ben Roethlisberger, Devonta Freeman, Todd Gurley, Spencer Ware Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, Brandin Cooks

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Week 7 Buy Lows

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You want two Fantasy Buy-Low Candidates heading into Week 7? I have you covered. Last Week I practically begged fantasy owners to trade for Odell Beckham and Lamar Miller before they exploded in Week 6, they were dirt cheap compared to their drafted value, too. Well, this week:

Aaron Rodgers (QB/GB)

The guy is the talk of fantasy right now, and many are calling him a bust, or total garbage vs the cost paid to draft him back in August. I laugh at this. Just like I laughed at those writing off Odell Beckham before last week, Amari Cooper weeks before that… look, ARod has just one game with just 1TD (last week). If you include his rushing TDS, he has had 3TDs, 2TDs, 4TDs and 2TDS in Weeks 1-5 (with a bye in Week 4). While he has a 4INTs and zero 300+ yard games, the great news is that he is scoring and he has all day to throw the football. This is a recipe for a turn around, and the loss of both Eddie Lacy and James Starks is going to shake up the offensive game plan, something that I firmly believe will jolt this offense back into being an extremely high powered passing arsenal. Buy low and pay what looks like value outside of the top 1-5QBs. That’s madness… the kind of madness that can win you a league!

DeAndre Hopkins (WR/HOU)

Everything said about Odell Beckham above can be said here. Hopkins is a top 5WR, folks, slow start or not. Buy low or be sorry. The risk is built into his decreased value. Now is the final call.

Week 4 Buy Low / Sell High

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In need of some Buy-Low/Sell-High candidates heading into Week 4 of the 2016 fantasy football season? Here are some names to both target and potentially sell-high.

Week 4: Buy-Low

Lamar Miller – With two mediocre Weeks in a row, some owners might be worried about Miller being a disappointment. Take advantage of this. Yes, he only rushed for 83 yards and only had 2 receptions for 14 yards and no TDs in Week 2, and 80 rushing yards, 4 receptions for 27 yards and 0TDs in Week 3, but he is the team’s workhorse, and I think a breakout is right around the corner. The time to buy low is now or never, and it sound like you can, at times, get the runner at near third-round value if we were to toss a price tag on him.

Amari Cooper – After dropping 6/137/0TDs in Week 1, Coop has only pulled in 5/71/0TDs and 4/62/0TDs since. I fully expect the receiver to be a top 4-7WR moving forward. For more on his dynasty value, checkout my SleeperU Dynasty Write-up on the guy!

Allen Robinson – Like Cooper, a slightly disappointing start has some current ARob owners on edge. Try and get him for almost third-round value if tossing a value on him. It can be done. Maybe not in every league, as some owners just don’t trade at all no matter what. But, I’ve seen him had for even less heading into this week!

Brandin Cooks – He exploded in Week 1 with 6/143/2TDs, but went quiet in Weeks 2 and 3. Well, he is Brees’ secret weapon this year, and Brees is on fire. I’m sorry, two dud weeks in a row don’t scare me off from wanting this guy in every league at what will likely be value outside of the top 25 if we were to draft today. Trade for him at that value!

Week 4: Sell-High

Christine Michael (RB/SEA) – I cannot stress this enough… DO NOT sell-low or assume my advising to sell CMichael high means I don’t believe in the guy. I love the guy, and I hope he continues to get starter carries. But, fantasy football is a business, and if your team is hurting and you need wins, sometimes selling high allows you to repair and built back a disappointing team. See what you can get. Buy low on an an Allen Robinson if you need a WR, or go get an Amari Cooper. Those are just two examples.

Carlos Hyde (RB/SF) – I love his skill set, but staying healthy is a concern. So, I am NOT predicting injury or bust, I’m merely pointing out that his value is high and he is a good person to trade if you need to move pieces around to get wins.

Eddie Lacy (RB/GB) – He could continue to get carries, but selling high is just plain smart given Lacy has disappointed fantasy owners so many times in the past. And, with his still-heavy weight, injury is more likely than when he was a touch slimmer. Trade high!

Week 3 Buy Lows/Sell Highs

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Ok, so we are already heading into Week 3 and many teams/owners have been hit hard by injuries. Maybe you lost Adrian Peterson? Maybe Doug Martin? How about Corey Coleman? Ok, well, let’s dig into a list of names that are good buy lows, and also a list of names that are good targets to sell off on the hight (maybe to get some of these buy lows). Here we go.

Buy Lows

Devonta Freeman (RB/ATL) – He comes with a boatload of risk and upside at this point. If you need a spark and are willing to take the risk that he shares carries all year, roll the dice!

Allen Robinson (WR/JAC) – The dude is elite and just waiting to drop a big game. Buy low while his owners worry he had a fluke of a season last year. He is easily a top 12 overall pick if drafting today.

Blake Bortles (QB/JAC) – Like ARob above, and their success is linked, I think breakout is near. Trade for both ARob and Bortles before they drop huge games this week or next week.

Amari Cooper (WR/OAK) – After a big week one, he had a disappointing Week 2, and for some reason that one single bad week already has many wondering if he has WR1-type ability. Really? This is a top 4-6 fantasy WR if you ask me, and I buy low any chance I get, even if this isn’t a huge, huge buy low (and more of a slight down tick in value).

Sell High

Philip Rivers (QB/SD) – I’ve seen two owners land Aaron Rodgers using Rivers already. After two weeks! See if you can get this kind of value for the passer (Rivers), who has lost both of his top two receiving options.

Cam Newton (QB/CAR) – I can’t stress this enough, but ONLY trade Newt if you are selling through the rough, and I’m talking an arm and a leg. And, only do this if you own Newt but have to make a move to stay in the mix. Meaning, your team is underperforming outside of Newt, or you were hit hard with injuries. This is the time to not consider him a bust, no, that’s not what selling high always means… it just means, in this case, you need to get two pieces for one, and the kind of deal I’d look to do is a Bortles/Landry or Bortles/McCoy… something like that is possible using Newt, and something like that could revive a season.

DeAngelo Williams (RB/CAR) – I almost say let it ride if you own DWill and cannot get awesome value. Keep in mind that Bell may struggle a bit coming back, maybe he even gets hurt trying to do too much too fast. It happens all the time. However, if you can sell high, and I mean for a strong starting piece for your lineup, consider the trade. Or, get crafty and at least trade for a stash in waiting, like Derrick Henry (as one example).

Matthew Stafford (QB/DET) – I don’t see Stafford continue to play at the level he is playing at, and I think he can be sold high to improve a team moving forward.

Matt Forte (RB/NYJ) – This is again one of those situations like Cam Newton above, don’t sell low or even at even value. Sell high or not at all. Forte is playing awesome, and he may continue that awesome play. But, if your team is in need, and only if it’s in need, consider selling high for two players. Just make sure it’s an awesome deal or hold tight!

Two Players to Avoid in 2016?

LeSean McCoy | RB BUF

Sure, he might actually avoid disciplinary action in his connection with a February nightclub fight in Philly, however, the guy will be 28 when the 2016 NFL season begins. Now, in redraft, or for those in keeper leagues that are only counting on keeping McCoy for 1-2 more years (max), he isn’t too risky. He could have a solid 2016, so don’t panic if you own him and have no super long term plans for the guy. But, we advise dynasty owners to shop the guy given he will be entering his 28-age season and has always kind of been an injury worry. He has played 12, 16, 16 and 12 games over his last four years, and the concussion issues will never vanish. He is a risky long-term hold, but should only be sold high.

Tony Romo | QB DAL

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Tony Romo plans to undergo a Mumford procedure on his left collarbone. This is likely to take place in a week or so. This is not a good sign for Romo. The procedure is expected to lower the odds of him breaking the bone again, and the recovery timetable is 6-8 weeks. While many suggest that Romo should be healthy for training camp, and well before it begins, we say shop the QB just as soon as he gets back to throwing and healthy. Could he regain his previous form and never injure the collarbone again? Sure, but why take the chance if you can sell high later? Selling high now isn’t likely an option, again, wait until he hits the field and look back to healthy, as he will during camp and into the preseason. Of course, this is advise for those in dynasty/keeper leagues. For those in redraft leagues, I wouldn’t count on Romo unless you have an equal-type backup behind him.

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