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NEWS: Percy Harvin (thigh) is questionable for Week 7.

SMITTY: The good news is that the Seahawks-Rams game is a morning game, so fantasy owners will have options, even if this comes down to a last-minute call. Be sure to stay on our news wire and Smart Alerts on this one. Looking for Week 7 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Percy Harvin to be kept healthy in 2014?

According to Tyler Dunne on Twitter, Seattle coach Pete Carroll had this to say on WR Percy Harvin: “A unique football player. He’s going to have a significant role. … Will be very important to keep him healthy.”

SMITTY: If Percy Harvin can stay healthy, which is a big IF, he could certainly be a top 15 fantasy wide receiver, and Russell Wilson could dance with the top 5-8QBs this year. Looking for Percy Harvin and Russell Wilson Week 1 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Robert Turbin rips of 81 and 1TD in Week 2 preseason outing; Keenan Allen pulls in a TD.

Seahawks RB Robert Turbin ran the ball 12 times for 81 yards and 1TD during his Week 2 preseason contest against the Chargers. Christine Michael ran the ball eight times for 45 yards. Russell Wilson looked strong in this game, completing 11-of-13 passes for 121 yards (to go along with four rushes for 31 yards and 1TD). Keenan Allen pulled in a 13-yard TD in the contest.

SMITTY: Robert Turbin looked good, I won’t lie, but everything he did in this contest, Christine Michael would have done better and faster. I keep emphasizing buy-low when talking about sleepers, because coaches can ruin fantasy upside. If Seattle doesn’t let go of the idea of using Turbin, this could leave fantasy owners extremely disappointed in 2014, as Turbin could play a significant back-up role in 2014. Do I think that will happen? Probably not, as Michael is just too explosive to keep off the field. Still, when trading for players, you have to buy low and buy at value that will have you earning your investment dollars back even on a disappointing campaign. At this point, I still expect Michael to be starting in 2015. As for this preseason contest, it was great seeing Keenan Allen pulling in a score – He looks so crisp with his routes and footwork. I still have Allen as one of my favorite underrated studs heading into 2014. Looking for Week 1 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch cleared of any wrongdoing relating to recent assault accusations.

According to multiple rotoworld, Bellevue police have released a statement clearing Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch of any wrongdoing relating to the recent investigation into assault and personal property damage accusations.

SMITTY: This is solid news for Christine Michael is a must-own for all Lynch owners this year. As I keep saying, there is no better “go get” player in dynasty than Christine Michael right now, as I fully expect him to be starting in Seattle in 2015 (assuming he stays healthy). We still have solid 2014 projections for Marshawn Lynch despite our obsession with trading for and owning Michael.

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch investigated in alleged assault incident

According to, Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is reportedly being investigated in an alleged assault with property damage.

SMITTY: While the details are far from ironed out, this can’t be what Marshawn Lynch dynasty owners want to hear, as the veteran is fighting to prove that he shouldn’t be a 2015 release candidate. According to police, the “alleged incident” took place early Sunday morning, but with “no domestic violence or sexual assault” — The Bellevue Police Department is still gathering up the facts of the incident, which includes finding out if Lynch was in fact involved. A statement reads: “No arrests have been made. There is no further information available at this time.” We will keep you posted. This could be nothing (put your arms down Christine Michael owners – at least for now), or it might be significant, we won’t know until more information is released.

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch ends holdout; gets $1.5 million raise.

According to, Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch has ended his holdout, and in return the team will be giving Lynch roughly a $1.5 million raise.

SMITTY: Essentially Marshawn Lynch is getting about $1.5 million that he would have had to earn, so it’s like getting all his 2014 incentive cash up front. No one expected this holdout to last into the season, but Christine Michael owners everywhere where hoping that Michael would have a bit more time getting first-team reps in camp. However, this news is somewhat telegraphing the fact that the team will likely cut Lynch next season, as this raise is all 2014-based. While Lynch is a quality top 15 overall talent heading into all yearly-league drafts, Christine Michael is still my absolute favorite “go get” player for 2015 and beyond (use this recent news here to buy-low in dynasty!). Given Lynch’s heavy career workload, mixed with his super-aggressive style of play, Michael still remains one of my absolute favorite “secret weapon” snags in all yearly-league drafts. Read more on that here.

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch fined $30k per day; Christine Michael on par with explosiveness of Adrian Peterson?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is being fined $30k per day, and the team can also go after some of his signing bonus. If a preseason game is missed, the team can go after a full game check. The CBA is now designed so players have little leverage when holding out.

SMITTY: Again, I fully expect Marshawn Lynch to report sooner rather than later, but he is near 2,000 total carries, so the future in Seattle is Christine Michael, who could be starting as early as 2015; I also predict that he will crank out top 5 fantasy running back numbers per start if his number is called in 2014. ESPN’s Louis Riddick recently said on ESPN that he personally scouted Michael at Texas A&M, and the strength coach at the time told him that he trained both Adrian Peterson and Christine Michael, and that Michael is on par with the “functional athletic explosiveness” of Adrian Peterson… this, among many other things, is why you want to read our 2014 Bold Predictions (aka our Upside Board). Read it now if you haven’t already!

NEWS: Jermaine Kearse running with the first-team in Seahawks camp?

According to reports, Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse has been regularly running with the first-team during Seahawks camp.

SMITTY: Folks, Jermaine Kearse could be an emerging talent… make sure he isn’t on waives in any of your dynasty leagues. If he is, scoop him up. No one is a lock, and he is very unproven, but he looked great down the stretch in 2013, and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard good things about his off-season. With Kearse looking sharp, and with Percy Harvin looking healthy, Russell Wilson might be able to take that extra step in fantasy production. Looking for Week 1 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch on the Reserve/Did Not Report list

According to rotoworld, Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is listed on the Seahawks’ Reserve/Did Not Report list. Also, earlier today ESPN printed this quote from head coach Pete Carroll: “But this is a tremendous opportunity for the guys getting their shot. Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, they’re ready to go and really fired up about this opportunity and are going to try and take full advantage of it.”

SMITTY: This is a “procedural” move by the Seahawks, and Marshawn Lynch, currently holding out, can be activated if/once he decides to report to camp. Some close to the situation predict that Lynch’s holdout won’t last long, but there are some that think Lynch is going to stretch this out a bit. If the holdout is long-lasting, both Christine Michael and Robert Turbin are going to have an opportunity to earn regular-season playing time. I’ve made it very clear since last year, if starting, Christine Michael is top 5RB capable. Looking for Full-Season 2014 Fantasy Football Projections?

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch holdout will not last long says John Clayton?

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch won’t hold out more than 5-6 days.

SMITTY: I think everyone knows that this holdout might not last long at all, but the longer the holdout lasts, the more first-team reps Christine Michael will get, which will only have the Seahawks thinking more and more about using him often in 2014. So, while many Marshawn Lynch supporters want to immediately jump in and say that this holdout won’t have any affect on 2014 carries, I wouldn’t be so sure. If Michael is the future in Seattle, the coaching staff is going to want to put him to the test from time to time. And, reps for Michael just complicates Lynch’s workload out look… it just does. And, it makes Michael flex-worthy all 2014 long. My excitement for Michael is for 2015, but I sure hope we see some starts in 2014 (some how some way) – per start, if he starts any games at all, I think Michael plays like a top 5 fantasy running back. Looking for Full-Season 2014 Fantasy Football Projections?