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NEWS: Jamaal Charles scores 3TDs, but heads to locker room (with just cramping).

SMITTY: Update: It looks like heading to the locker room was just due to cramps. Charles is back on the sideline. Rest easy, Charles owners, he’s back. Congrats to all who bought low! He was one of our top buy-lows heading into Week 4.

SMITTY: He’s was back, and in a major way, but Charles heading to the locker room might not be a big deal, as the Chiefs are up 27-0. This offense clearly will produce at the running back position no matter who is back in that backfield, so Jamaal-only owners better go buy Knile Davis now while Charles has 3TDs attached to his name. The duo is a must! Check back on this one, though, and of course, stay tuned to our Smart Alerts updates.

NEWS: DeMarco Murray drops 149 rushing yards and 2TDs in Week 4; Murray a top 1-3 overall player moving forward.

SMITTY: What a beast. Not many saw this big of a season coming, aside from a select group on our forums. The guys i on pace for over 2,136 rushing yards and 20TDs. Will he continue on this monstrous pace? While I wouldn’t rule it out, I wouldn’t count on 133.5 rushing yards and 1.25TDs per-game. No matter what you expect, or no matter what you accept as a ‘pattern’ at this point, Murray is a top 1-3RB lock moving forward. Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Donald Brown to get a grip of carries in Week 4?

SMITTY: It sounds like San Diego is going to feed him the rock this week, but the team is averaging well below 3.0 yards-per-carry. Still, if you need a runner this week, due to all the injuries or byes, he isn’t a bad play at all. With Woodhead and Mathews both down, he and Branden Oliver, a player to monitor (especially in dynasty), are going to get solid touches by default. Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Jamaal Charles practices again and looks like a go for Week 4!

SMITTY: It looks like Charles’ ankle isn’t a ‘high ankle’ sprain after all, or it’s at least of the extremely-mild variety. Anything can happen between now and warming up, but Charles appears to be a go for Monday night’s Week 4 contest against the Patriots, which means that he is back to fantasy RB1 value. Could Davis still steal some work? Sure, but as a Davis-only owner, it would be tough to count on him given his Week 4 workload is very much up in the air. If you are a Charles-only owner and never handcuffed the two backs, now is the time to strike, as those owners with just Davis might finally deal the back-up at a reasonable price. Strike now and secure up that RB1 slot for the rest of the season! Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Jamaal Charles (ankle) to do more during THUR practice; he has a chance at playing Week 4?

UPDATE: SMITTY: Updating the below, Chiefs coach Andy Reid reportedly expects Jamaal Charles (ankle) to be active for Week 4. “Yeah, I think so,” Reid said when responding to a question asking Charles will play. “He’s going to practice (Thursday). We’ll see how he does.” This is far from settled, so again, stay tuned into our news and Smart Alerts.

SMITTY: It’s sounding more and more like Charles could give it a go on Monday night, but the problem is that if you are a Charles owner and don’t own Knile Davis, you will be in a tough spot making this decision after Sunday games. Even if Charles can play in Week 4, Davis is still a strong bet for a grip of carries, as Charles won’t be full-go. This makes Davis a solid play regardless (for Week 4). Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Arian Foster (hamstring) will be a game-time decision in Week 4.

SMITTY: He was limited during Wednesday’s practice. This is an early game on Sunday, which is good news for those with a Foster line-up dilemma. Alfred Blue is a solid start if Foster can’t go. Stay tuned — Hopefully it’s decided that Foster can roll when he warms up on Sunday morning! Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Ben Tate to return to starting role? Crowell the NO. 2 and West the No. 3 in CLE?

SMITTY: According to the Browns running backs coach, Tate is expected to return to the line-up once he returns from his knee sprain. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because when Tate is on the field, he has top 10RB upside. How long will he stay on the field, though? That’s the question, and that can be argued no question… if he can’t stay on the field long, Crowell might be the answer, but don’t rule out West, who has a grip of future upside still. This situation is kind of messy, one you almost want to avoid until it shakes out, but Crowell should be scooped up off waivers in medium and larger leagues, as he could see TD opportunities coming out of his Week 4 bye. Make sure Tate wasn’t dropped in your league(s), as again, he has top 10RB appeal if starting (injury risk or not). Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Doug Martin and Jamaal Charles return to practice?

SMITTY: Hopefully these two studs make it back onto the field in Week 4. The odds are decent considering both had a shot at playing last week… You have to think that Bobby Rainey fumbled his opportunity away in Week 3, so don’t expect a timeshare Tampa just as long as Doug Martin can stay on the field. Jamaal Charles owners shouldn’t worry about Charles being unseated by anyone talent-wise, but it is possible that the Chiefs play it cautious with Charles this week given how well Davis has been playing… keep tabs on both these situations as we head into Week 4. Looking for Week 4 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Le’Veon Bell rushed 21 times for 147 yards in Week 3 against the Panthers.

SMITTY: Le’Veon Bell was on our Week 3 Buy-Low List for a reason last week. Don’t sell the runner, he looks fantastic this year. He looks like a top 5RB. Let’s just hope he stays healthy (do your best to handcuff him to Legarrette Blount, something you should already have taken care of). Look for a Week 4 Buy-Low List to publish shortly, which you can locate right on the homepage when logged in!

NEWS: Jamaal Charles still a game-time decision for Week 3; Knile Davis and Charles sharing first-team reps?

SMITTY: Knile Davis received the first rep during Friday’s practice, and Jamaal Charles (ankle) received the next two. This is very little info to go off of, but at least it tells us that Charles has a shot at playing. If you own both runners, you almost want Charles to sit and get healthy, as Davis would perform well if getting all the carries. If they share carries, it could hurt both their stat lines in Week 3. Stay tuned, as this could be the definition of a ‘game-time decision’. If you haven’t already, sign up for Smart Alerts, which will give you real-time alerts on situations like this.