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NEWS: Jamaal Charles still a game-time decision for Week 3; Knile Davis and Charles sharing first-team reps?

SMITTY: Knile Davis received the first rep during Friday’s practice, and Jamaal Charles (ankle) received the next two. This is very little info to go off of, but at least it tells us that Charles has a shot at playing. If you own both runners, you almost want Charles to sit and get healthy, as Davis would perform well if getting all the carries. If they share carries, it could hurt both their stat lines in Week 3. Stay tuned, as this could be the definition of a ‘game-time decision’. If you haven’t already, sign up for Smart Alerts, which will give you real-time alerts on situations like this.

NEWS: Jamaal Charles officially limited Thursday in practice; still reports say he moved around well.

SMITTY: An ESPN reporter tweeted earlier today that Charles was seen cutting through cones, and even though this report (BJ Kissel/Chiefs reporter) is suggesting that Charles is officially limited, we keep hearing he moved around well today. Still, we have to consider Charles questionable for Week 3, which means he is 50/50. Stay tuned, as this will clearly affect the Week 3 Jamaal Charles/Knile Davis Power Rankings.

NEWS: Jamaal Charles (ankle) returns to practice on Thursday.

SMITTY: According to ESPN reporter Adam Teicher on Twitter: “Jamaal Charles is practicing with chiefs today. An interesting turn of events. Looked OK to me”. This doesn’t sound like a high-ankle sprain at all, as Charles was reportedly seen cutting through cones. While it is looking more and more like Charles could suit up for Week 3, be sure to sign up for our Smart Alerts so that you have real-time updates on this. As soon as we get confirmation that Charles is in fact playing Week 3, we will immediately adjust our Week 3 Power Rankings.

NEWS: Jamaal Charles has high ankle sprain, but not a real severe one?

BJ Kissel, on Twitter, writes this from Chiefs coach Andy Reid on Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles (ankle): “It doesn’t look to be a real severe one, but it does have the component of a high ankle sprain.”

SMITTY: These can be multiple week type injuries, regardless. Knile Davis is this week’s top waiver wire grab, as he could total 100 yards and a TD with ease if given starter carries. Be sure to sign-up for our Smart Alerts, as we may have more real-time updates on Charles and his Week 3 status. As of now, it’s hard to imagine him playing in Week 3, let alone Weeks 3-5. With a Week 6 bye for the Chiefs, I could easily see the team holding him out through the bye. That could change in either direction, so stay tuned!

NEWS: Jamaal Charles has only a mild ankle sprain?

According to reports, the early word on Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles (ankle) is that he has a ‘mild’ ankle sprain.

SMITTY: This is fantastic news for all the Charles owners out there in a total panic. That said, if for any reason Knile Davis is on waivers, he is must-grab, and should really already be owned by all Charles owners given how well he can fill in when called upon (proven again by his 2TDs in Week 2). Be sure to sign-up for our Smart Alerts to keep tabs on this situation in real-time.

NEWS: Jamaal Charles signs a two-year, $18.1 million extension.

According to reports, Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles has signed a two-year, $18.1 million extension.

SMITTY: It’s great to see this happen so fast, as Jamaal Charles is an absolute lock to be a top 3 overall pick in all drafts/formats. The greatest part about his monster 1,980/19TD season last year is that he only carried the ball 259 times. That’s nothing close to overworked! Still, handcuff him to Knile Davis to be safe (if you own or plan to own Charles in 2014). Looking for Week 1 Power Rankings?

NEWS: Jamaal Charles could holdout?

According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

SMITTY: We have heard conflicting reports on Jamaal Charles potentially holding out. One report earlier yesterday stated that the runner would hold out as long as it took to get a new deal, and another was a bit more cautious. This is one of what will likely be a handful of reports on the matter, so stay tuned. While on the topic of talking about Charles-related “what ifs”, Knile Davis is a must-own for all Charles owners in 2014. Looking for Week 1 Power Rankings?

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