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Spotlight: Nelson Agholor

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Nelson Agholor

7/8/2015: Looking for this year’s middle-range fantasy football sleeper rookie receiver? He is a first-round pick in rookie-only fantasy football mock drafts, sure, but he is very much overlooked as a top 2-3 talent from this 2015 fantasy football rookie draft class. He has that kind of upside and talent, though. The word we keep hearing… Read Spotlight

ARTICLE: Week 10 Trade Targets

smitty staff

Our friends over at FantasyPros again invited us to participate in an Expert Roundtable, this time for Week 10. Below are the two questions asked to every expert on the panel, and below you will also find my answer to both questions. Enjoy, and good luck in Week 10, everyone!

Q1. Give us 1 player destined to be a playoff stud (weeks 14-16) that you would target soon in a trade?

“He is ‘sruggling’ for sure, given he has fantasy WR1-3 overall upside and talent. However, he is still on pace for 106 receptions for 1,468 and 6TDs. That’s kind of crazy considering how ‘down’ of a year he is having. Buy-low, because I think we’re about to see him explode down the stretch. And, if he doesn’t, that risk is built into his current trade value. It’s no-risk/high-reward.”
– Smitty (Fantasy Football Starters)

Q2. On the flip side, name a player you would consider trading since he could be a playoff disappointment? (weeks 14-16)

“Ok, this is not to suggest that he will bust, however, I think if the price is right, now is the time to cash-in on his top 5 receiver value. He is playing out of his mind, and sure, he could continue his elite play. Given his injury risk and the fact that he lost his QB, it’s just smart fantasy management to explore trade offers. Do not sell-low. Sell-high or don’t sell at all! Something tells me most could sell-high, super-high… Try!”
– Smitty (Fantasy Football Starters)

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NEWS: Darren Sproles (MCL) to miss one game?

SMITTY: The Eagles are on a bye this week, but this is good news for LeSean McCoy owners, who want to see him in the 15-20 carry territory in Week 8. Looking for Week 7 Power Rankings?

NEWS: LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles and that PHI offense to bounce-back?

SMITTY: Do I worry about Nick Foles being an elite talent? Absolutely not. Do I worry about him getting injured behind a beat-up Philly offensive line? Yes. That said, anyone freaking out and jumping ship on Nick Foles needs to look at the facts. Depending on your scoring, Foles was the 4th-ranked fantasy football QB heading into Week 3, and he accomplished all that with some strange starts to Weeks 1 and 2, and in Week 3, that Eagles offense didn’t even touch the field once in the first quarter due to the flow of game and a Philly DST score. To put this into an even clearer perspective, Foles, again depending on your scoring format, was roughly 4-10 points off Peyton Manning, who through three weeks of play was roughly 2-3 overall for QBs in almost all leagues. Does Philly need to make some changes and secure up their offensive line? Yes, no question, but they should have RT Lane Johnson back for Week 5 against the Rams, and you can bet that Chip Kelly will be getting LeSean McCoy more involved in his offense moving forward. Some might be jumping ship on McCoy, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for selling high if that were even possible (which it likely is not)… but, selling low is a big mistake, as you just won’t likely get anything near what you deserve if you put him on your trade block. Keep the faith, as McCoy would still be a top 5RB if drafting for Weeks 5-16. Well, that’s how I see it. Could that change after another 2-3 bad weeks? Of course, but that still doesn’t mean selling low is smart management right now. Testing the trade waters isn’t unwise, but pulling the trigger on a bad deal isn’t going to change things for you if McCoy has been holding your back thus far. To put McCoy’s season into perspective, he had a solid first two weeks of the season, totaling 100 yards in each contest, and he scored in that Week 2 game. Those are not bad numbers, folks, not at all. His Weeks 3 and 4 were awful, as he ran 19 times for 22 yards (with no receiving stats) in Week 3, and he ran 10 times for just 17 yards (with no receiving stats) in Week 4. Those are pathetic stat lines for a top 2 overall pick. But, those first two games, where he averaged over 100 total yards and 0.5TDs, those games should be factored into your thinking here if you are a semi-panicked McCoy owner… Our Week 5 Buy-Low Candidates will be out Tuesday, so sign up for Smart Alerts to ensure you get that list emailed right to you!

Watch this Video on Chip Kelly on his offense after Week 4

NEWS: LeSean McCoy thumb x-rays negative; injury not considered serious.

According to numerous reports, x-rays on the thumb of Eagles RB LeSean McCoy came back negative; the injury is not considered to be serious.

SMITTY: This is great news, but if you plan on investing in LeSean McCoy this year, be certain to handcuff him to Darren Sproles, as that offense is so explosive, Sproles would play well if forced to take on a significant workload. McCoy, despite some very minor toe and thumb issues, remains locked into our top 2RBs heading into 2014, as seen here via our Full-Season 2014 Fantasy Football Projections.

NEWS: LeSean McCoy toe issue blown out of proportion?

According to, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (toe) is fine. When a reporter asked Chip Kelly about McCoy’s injury, Kelly wise-cracked, “I don’t think he’ll ever play again.” After some laughs, Kelly responded: “No, he’s fine,” Kelly added. “He practiced full [Monday]. He’s fine. It’s not as big of an issue as I think anybody has made it out to be.”

SMITTY: This is exactly what Russ Bliss and I discussed below in last night’s fantasy football radio show, where we discuss this topic and also breakouts and sleepers. Take a listen below:

The Red Zone With Russ Bliss

Date: 8/19/14

Guest: Smitty

Topics: Sleepers, Draft Strategies

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NEWS: LeSean McCoy dealing with turf toe?

According to csnphilly, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy is dealing with a toe issue.

SMITTY: McCoy said that the toe was really bothering him, but he had x-rays and an MRI and everything appears fine. He was able to finish practice today. We aren’t too concerned at this point, but let’s keep an eye on the guy I have ranked No. 1 overall heading into 2014. Darren Sproles is a must-own for all McCoy owners heading into 2014.

NEWS: Nick Foles goes for 81 and 1TD in Week 2 preseason game; Ertz pulls in 1TD.

Eagles QB Nick Foles completed 8-of-10 passes for 81 yards and 1TD (to Zach Ertz) in his Week 2 preseason outing against the Patriots. Rookie WR Jordan Matthews pulled in a team-high nine receptions for 104 yards; Ertz had two receptions for 26 yards to go along with his 1TD. Tom Brady was efficient despite an INT, as he completed 8-of-10 passes for 81 yards and a TD (pulled in by Kenbrell Thompkins.

SMITTY: Nick Foles has great rapport with Zac Ertz — Both are on our breakout list heading into 2014. Read more about that here. Tom Brady is very undervalued heading into 2014, as he has 6th-round redraft ADP right now – That’s crazy-good value!

NEWS: LeSean McCoy looks better than ever?

According to ESPN, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy “looks better than ever” right now in camp.

SMITTY: That Philly offense is just flat-out exciting. The two Nick Foles interceptions during his last preseason contest concern me zero. In fact, they just get me more excited that he will have more doubters entering August drafts, this way he can be snagged even later than his 6th-round ADP, which is highway robbery already. I’m not expecting another 2INT season out of Foles, in fact 10INTs is fine by me given how fast-paced that Chip Kelly offense is — 40TDs is in the cards for Foles this year, and he remains one of my biggest 2014 draft day steals. As for LeSean McCoy, as long as he’s handcuffed to Darren Sproles (and if in larger leagues, Chris Polk as well), he is by far my No. 1-ranked player right now (in all formats). McCoy has 1,800-2,000 total yard potential, and could punch in over 10 scores, all while pulling in 50+ receptions. Looking for Week 1 Power Rankings? Also, checkout the bump I just gave McCoy on the full-season projections!

NEWS: Riley Cooper in a walking boot.

According to, Eagles WR Riley Cooper is in a walking boot; the receiver injured his foot over the weekend according to other reports.

SMITTY: While this is never a good thing, this doesn’t mean Riley Cooper is any kind of jeopardy of missing regular-season action. We will keep you posted, though. I love Cooper this season — If healthy, he could pull in 1,000 yards and 8+ scores, which would make him a crafty fantasy WR3 in 2014. Looking for Full-Season 2014 Fantasy Football Projections?