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NEWS: Ryan Mathews has sprained MCL?

According to reports, Chargers RB Ryan Mathews is dealing with a sprained MCL.

Update: The injury will keep Mathews for most likely 4-6 weeks. Donald Brown will get a bulk of the work in place of Mathews, but Danny Woodhead could benefit as much.

SMITTY: Don’t be shocked if this turns into more, as sometimes these things do, but for now this is good news for Mathews owners. A sprained MCL could still mean that he misses weeks, it just all boils down to how bad the sprain/tear is. Danny Woodhead is a must-own entering Week 3, and his stat line will surely see an uptick for each game that Mathews misses. Donald Brown would actually get the ‘between the tackles’ carries, so he should be owned as well entering Week 2. Be sure to sign-up for our Smart Alerts so that you can get real-time updates on this situation.

NEWS: Danny Woodhead signs a two-year extension.

According to reports, Chargers RB Danny Woodhead signed a two-year extension which extends the runner through 2016.

SMITTY: I’m not a big Ryan Mathews supporter at all, and I would much rather invest in Danny Woodhead’s 9th-round ADP than even touch Mathews’ 4th-round ADP. I wouldn’t touch Mathews in the 5th, which is why you won’t see me owning him at all in 2014. Donald Brown is said to be getting this year’s ‘grunt work’ type carries, and Woodhead is a strong bet for 70+ receptions (he had 76 last season), which leaves Mathews looking like a big pile of risk in 2014 (given the 4th-round cost). Marion Grice might even have something to say about getting some 2014 carries. I say avoid Mathews in 2014. Find out where we have all these guys ranked heading into 2014!

NEWS: Ryan Mathews led the league in fantasy points per snap?

According to profootballfocus, Chargers RB Ryan Mathews led the league last year in fantasy points per snap (0.40 in non-PPR); he was second only to Jamaal Charles in PPR formats.

SMITTY: While it’s an interesting stat, I remain very skeptical of Ryan Mathews heading into this upcoming fantasy football season. Last season was his first year playing in 16 games, and it’s hard to measure such a stat given the team often takes Mathews out of the game when they expect to use Danny Woodhead. With a redraft ADP in the 4.01-4.04 range, we’re talking about an ADP range of players like Cordarrelle Patterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Ellington, and on occasion, even Keenan Allen. With talent like that still left, Mathews seems more high-risk than reward. Dynasty Note: Keep an eye on rookie RB Marion Grice.

NEWS: Keenan Allen improving speed?

According to ESPN’s Eric Williams, Chargers WR Keenan Allen has focused on improving his speed during the off-season.

SMITTY: You’re looking at a potential fantasy WR1 right here, folks, yet he is being valued like a fantasy WR2 — That’s value right there. For some reason, a grip of fantasy owners doubt Allen entering his sophomore season. The guy just dropped one of the best rookie seasons for a wide receiver in NFL history (71/1046/8TDs), yet I’ve seen some NFL analysts suggest that Allen has already reached max value. As a rookie? I say to those folks: “Enjoy the Keenan Allen show in 2014!” I also think Philip Rivers is getting unfairly-ranked by fantasy owners entering 2014 – With both Allen and Ladarius Green set to breakout, and with Danny Woodhead remaining a big receiving threat, I’m not sure why fantasy worlds don’t see a potential top 6-8 fantasy QB in Rivers this season. Want 2014 Projections? Run this tool based on your scoring!
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NEWS: Ryan Mathews gains muscle and now weighs 222 pounds?

According to, Chargers RB Ryan Mathews looks like he has gained muscle and weighs 222 pounds, up from last year’s 215.

SMITTY: We’re not so sure putting on weight is the right move for an injury-prone runner like Mathews. Many times this can lead to injury with certain backs, as they are carrying around weight that they aren’t use to, and it can often cause slowness and injury. Fantasy owners should be cautiously-optimistic in regards to Mathews this year. If you ask me, expecting a repeat of last season (1255/6TDs and 26/189/1TD) is asking a lot, especially with the gained weight (muscle or not). In PPR formats, I think Danny Woodhead is the bargain grab, as his ADP is near the 9th-round, whereas Mathews’ is in the early 4th. One last note, rookie runner Marion Grice might carve out some workload in time, keep an eye on him! Check out projections for all three runners here:
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