NEWS: Josh Gordon and Browns bracing for at least an eight-game ban?

According to, the Browns are “bracing themselves for at least an eight-game suspension for receiver Josh Gordon, league sources told”

SMITTY: There are almost too many reports floating around on this matter, and it’s tough to know which report carries the most weight. Josh Gordon’s hearing wrapped up on Monday, and now we’re just awaiting a decision, which could reportedly take anywhere between 1-3 weeks. Initial reports last week suggested that this would be an ‘all or nothing’ type of decision, meaning Gordon would either win the appeal and resume without limitations, or he’d lose and be banned the full one year. This report is suggesting that the two sides could workout a settlement where the best-case scenario would leave Gordon with an eight-game ban. No player has ever won an appeal due to a ‘second-hand smoke’ argument, no matter how little a player crossed over the violation threshold. Important note: Gordon tested negative for marijuana 70 times since his rookie season back in 2012, which was clearly an argument delivered by his legal team during the appeal hearing. Stay tuned for more on this one! Until then, checkout our Week 1 Power Rankings.