NEWS: Arian Foster to catch a lot of passes in 2014?

According to, Texans coach Bill O’Brien will use Arian Foster in the passing game much like he has used Kevin Faulk and Danny Woodhead in his previously-coached offenses.

SMITTY: With a shockingly-low 2nd-round ADP (according to most ADP data), there is a ton to like about Arian Foster heading into 2014. If he stays healthy, he could blast past 300 total touches (maybe even 330-340), and 50 of those could be receptions (if not more). There are few players outside the top 12-15 (ADP-wise) that have as high a ceiling as Foster, and that ceiling is top 5-10RB type value. For those that feel Foster has too much mileage on his tires, keep in mind that his career regular-season carry total is just 1,131, whereas Marshawn Lynch has 1,753 carries to his name, and Matt Forte has 1,551 carries to his name. Still feel that Foster has been overworked? Check out our 2014 projections for Foster (based on your league scoring) right here: