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Radio: Week 15 Show (tues)

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Take a listen to Russ Bliss and Smitty talk Week 15 Fantasy Football on Russ’ The Red Zone Radio Show, which is the world’s longest-running fantasy football radio program. Smitty and Russ discuss Week 15 sleepers, add drops, busts, injuries, start bench questions and more.

2016 NFL Bye Weeks

Below are the 2016 Bye Weeks for the 2016 NFL Season. What fantasy players have byes during the same week? Find out below!

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Bye Weeks


















2016 NFL Schedule

Below is the 2016 NFL Schedule. We have all the matchups for Weeks 1-17 of the 2016 season.

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Week 1

Thursday, September 8

Carolina Denver 5:30 PM NBC

Sunday, September 11

Green Bay @ Jacksonville 10:00 AM FOX
Buffalo @ Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS
Chicago @ Houston 10:00 AM FOX
Cleveland @ Philadelphia 10:00 AM
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX
Minnesota @ Tennessee 10:00 AM FOX
Cincinnati @ New York 10:00 AM CBS
Oakland @ New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
San Diego @ Kansas City 10:00 AM CBS
Miami @ Seattle 1:05 PM CBS
Detroit @ Indianapolis 1:25 PM FOX
New York @ Dallas 1:25 PM FOX
New England @ Arizona 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, September 12

Pittsburgh @ Washington 4:10 PM ESPN
Los Angeles @ San Francisco 7:20 PM ESPN

Week 2

Thursday, September 15

New York Buffalo 5:25 PM CBS

Sunday, September 18

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh 10:00 AM CBS
Tennessee @ Detroit 10:00 AM CBS
Baltimore Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
Dallas @ Washington 10:00 AM FOX
New Orleans @ New York 10:00 AM FOX
San Francisco @ Carolina 10:00 AM FOX
Miami @ New England 10:00 AM CBS
Kansas City @ Houston 10:00 AM CBS
Seattle @ Los Angeles 1:05 PM FOX
Tampa Bay @ Arizona 1:05 PM FOX
Jacksonville @ San Diego 1:25 PM CBS
Atlanta @ Oakland 1:25 PM CBS
Indianapolis @ Denver 1:25 PM CBS
Green Bay @ Minnesota 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, September 19

Philadelphia @ Chicago 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 3

Thursday, September 22

Houston New England 5:25 PM CBS

Sunday, September 25

Arizona Buffalo 10:00 AM FOX
Oakland Tennessee 10:00 AM CBS
Cleveland Miami 10:00 AM CBS
Baltimore Jacksonville 10:00 AM CBS
Detroit Green Bay 10:00 AM FOX
Denver Cincinnati 10:00 AM CBS
Minnesota Carolina 10:00 AM FOX
Washington New York 10:00 AM FOX
Los Angeles Tampa Bay 1:05 PM FOX
San Francisco Seattle 1:05 PM FOX
New York Kansas City 1:25 PM CBS
San Diego Indianapolis 1:25 PM CBS
Pittsburgh Philadelphia 1:25 PM CBS
Chicago Dallas 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, September 26

Atlanta New Orleans 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 4

Thursday, September 29

Miami Cincinnati 5:25 PM NFL

Sunday, October 2

Indianapolis Jacksonville 6:30 AM CBS
Tennessee Houston 10:00 AM CBS
Cleveland Washington 10:00 AM CBS
Seattle New York 10:00 AM FOX
Buffalo New England 10:00 AM CBS
Carolina Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX
Oakland Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS
Detroit Chicago 10:00 AM FOX
Denver Tampa Bay 1:05 PM CBS
Los Angeles Arizona 1:25 PM FOX
New Orleans San Diego 1:25 PM FOX
Dallas San Francisco 1:25 PM FOX
Kansas City Pittsburgh 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, October 3

New York Minnesota 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 5

Thursday, October 6

Arizona San Francisco 5:25 PM CBS

Sunday, October 9

New England Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
Philadelphia Detroit 10:00 AM FOX
Chicago Indianapolis 10:00 AM FOX
Tennessee Miami 10:00 AM CBS
Washington Baltimore 10:00 AM FOX
Houston Minnesota 10:00 AM CBS
New York Pittsburgh 10:00 AM CBS
Atlanta Denver 1:05 PM FOX
Cincinnati Dallas 1:25 PM CBS
Buffalo Los Angeles 1:25 PM CBS
San Diego Oakland 1:25 PM CBS
New York Green Bay 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, October 10

Tampa Bay Carolina 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 6

Thursday, October 13

Denver San Diego 5:25 PM CBS

Sunday, October 16

San Francisco Buffalo 10:00 AM FOX
Philadelphia Washington 10:00 AM FOX
Cleveland Tennessee 10:00 AM CBS
Baltimore New York 10:00 AM CBS
Carolina New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
Jacksonville Chicago 10:00 AM CBS
Los Angeles Detroit 10:00 AM FOX
Pittsburgh Miami 10:00 AM CBS
Cincinnati New England 10:00 AM CBS
Kansas City Oakland 1:05 PM CBS
Atlanta Seattle 1:25 PM FOX
Dallas Green Bay 1:25 PM FOX
Indianapolis Houston 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, October 17

New York Arizona 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 7

Thursday, October 20

Chicago Green Bay 5:25 PM CBS

Sunday, October 23

New York Los Angeles 6:30 AM NFL
New Orleans Kansas City 10:00 AM FOX
Indianapolis Tennessee 10:00 AM CBS
Minnesota Philadelphia 10:00 AM FOX
Cleveland Cincinnati 10:00 AM CBS
Washington Detroit 10:00 AM FOX
Oakland Jacksonville 10:00 AM CBS
Buffalo Miami 10:00 AM CBS
Baltimore New York 10:00 AM CBS
Tampa Bay San Francisco 1:05 PM FOX
San Diego Atlanta 1:05 PM FOX
New England Pittsburgh 1:25 PM CBS
Seattle Arizona 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, October 24

Houston Denver 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 8

Thursday, October 27

Jacksonville Tennessee 5:25 PM NFL

Sunday, October 30

Washington Cincinnati 6:30 AM FOX
Kansas City Indianapolis 10:00 AM CBS
Oakland Tampa Bay 10:00 AM CBS
Seattle New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
Detroit Houston 10:00 AM FOX
New York Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
Green Bay Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX
New England Buffalo 10:00 AM CBS
San Diego Denver 1:05 PM CBS
Arizona Carolina 1:25 PM FOX
Philadelphia Dallas 5:30 PM NBC

Monday, October 31

Minnesota Chicago 5:30 PM ESPN

Week 9

Thursday, November 3

Atlanta Tampa Bay 5:25 PM NFL

Sunday, November 6

Pittsburgh Baltimore 11:00 AM CBS
Dallas Cleveland 11:00 AM FOX
Jacksonville Kansas City 11:00 AM CBS
New York Miami 11:00 AM CBS
Philadelphia New York 11:00 AM FOX
Detroit Minnesota 11:00 AM FOX
Carolina Los Angeles 2:05 PM FOX
New Orleans San Francisco 2:05 PM FOX
Tennessee San Diego 2:25 PM CBS
Indianapolis Green Bay 2:25 PM CBS
Denver Oakland 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, November 7

Buffalo Seattle 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 10

Thursday, November 10

Cleveland Baltimore 6:25 PM NFL

Sunday, November 13

Green Bay Tennessee 11:00 AM FOX
Minnesota Washington 11:00 AM FOX
Chicago Tampa Bay 11:00 AM FOX
Kansas City Carolina 11:00 AM CBS
Atlanta Philadelphia 11:00 AM FOX
Los Angeles New York 11:00 AM FOX
Denver New Orleans 11:00 AM CBS
Houston Jacksonville 11:00 AM CBS
Miami San Diego 2:05 PM CBS
Dallas Pittsburgh 2:25 PM FOX
San Francisco Arizona 2:25 PM FOX
Seattle New England 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, November 14

Cincinnati New York 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 11

Thursday, November 17

New Orleans Carolina 6:25 PM NBC

Sunday, November 20

Pittsburgh Cleveland 11:00 AM CBS
Baltimore Dallas 11:00 AM CBS
Jacksonville Detroit 11:00 AM CBS
Tennessee Indianapolis 11:00 AM CBS
Buffalo Cincinnati 11:00 AM FOX
Tampa Bay Kansas City 11:00 AM FOX
Chicago New York 11:00 AM FOX
Arizona Minnesota 11:00 AM FOX
Miami Los Angeles 2:05 PM FOX
New England San Francisco 2:25 PM CBS
Philadelphia Seattle 2:25 PM CBS
Green Bay Washington 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, November 21

Houston Oakland 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 12

Thursday, November 24

Minnesota Detroit 10:30 AM CBS
Washington Dallas 2:30 PM FOX
Pittsburgh Indianapolis 6:30 PM NBC

Sunday, November 27

Tennessee Chicago 11:00 AM CBS
Jacksonville Buffalo 11:00 AM CBS
Cincinnati Baltimore 11:00 AM CBS
Arizona Atlanta 11:00 AM FOX
New York Cleveland 11:00 AM FOX
Los Angeles New Orleans 11:00 AM FOX
San Francisco Miami 11:00 AM FOX
San Diego Houston 11:00 AM CBS
Seattle Tampa Bay 2:05 PM FOX
Carolina Oakland 2:25 PM CBS
Kansas City Denver 2:25 PM CBS
New England New York 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, November 28

Green Bay Philadelphia 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 13

Thursday, December 1

Dallas Minnesota 6:25 PM NBC

Sunday, December 4

Kansas City Atlanta 11:00 AM CBS
Detroit New Orleans 11:00 AM FOX
Los Angeles New England 11:00 AM FOX
Denver Jacksonville 11:00 AM CBS
Houston Green Bay 11:00 AM CBS
Philadelphia Cincinnati 11:00 AM FOX
Miami Baltimore 11:00 AM CBS
San Francisco Chicago 11:00 AM FOX
Buffalo Oakland 2:05 PM CBS
New York Pittsburgh 2:25 PM FOX
Washington Arizona 2:25 PM FOX
Tampa Bay San Diego 2:25 PM FOX
Carolina Seattle 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, December 5

Indianapolis New York 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 14

Thursday, December 8

Oakland Kansas City 6:25 PM NBC

Sunday, December 11

Pittsburgh Buffalo 11:00 AM CBS
Denver Tennessee 11:00 AM CBS
New Orleans Tampa Bay 11:00 AM FOX
Washington Philadelphia 11:00 AM FOX
Arizona Miami 11:00 AM FOX
San Diego Carolina 11:00 AM FOX
Cincinnati Cleveland 11:00 AM CBS
Chicago Detroit 11:00 AM FOX
Houston Indianapolis 11:00 AM CBS
Minnesota Jacksonville 11:00 AM FOX
New York San Francisco 2:05 PM CBS
Atlanta Los Angeles 2:25 PM FOX
Seattle Green Bay 2:25 PM FOX
Dallas New York 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, December 12

Baltimore New England 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 15

Thursday, December 15

Los Angeles Seattle 6:25 PM NBC

Saturday, December 17

Miami New York 6:25 PM NFL

Sunday, December 18

Green Bay Chicago 11:00 AM FOX
Tampa Bay Dallas 11:00 AM FOX
Jacksonville Houston 11:00 AM CBS
Cleveland Buffalo 11:00 AM CBS
Philadelphia Baltimore 11:00 AM FOX
Tennessee Kansas City 11:00 AM CBS
Detroit New York 11:00 AM FOX
Indianapolis Minnesota 11:00 AM CBS
New Orleans Arizona 2:05 PM FOX
San Francisco Atlanta 2:05 PM FOX
New England Denver 2:25 PM CBS
Oakland San Diego 2:25 PM CBS
Pittsburgh Cincinnati 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, December 19

Carolina Washington 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 16

Thursday, December 22

New York Philadelphia 6:25 PM NBC

Saturday, December 24

Miami Buffalo 11:00 AM CBS
Tampa Bay New Orleans 11:00 AM FOX
New York New England 11:00 AM CBS
Tennessee Jacksonville 11:00 AM CBS
Minnesota Green Bay 11:00 AM FOX
San Diego Cleveland 11:00 AM CBS
Washington Chicago 11:00 AM FOX
Atlanta Carolina 11:00 AM FOX
Indianapolis Oakland 2:05 PM CBS
Arizona Seattle 2:25 PM FOX
San Francisco Los Angeles 2:25 PM FOX
Cincinnati Houston 6:25 PM NFL

Sunday, December 25

Baltimore Pittsburgh 2:30 PM NFL
Denver Kansas City 6:30 PM NBC

Monday, December 26

Detroit Dallas 6:30 PM ESPN

Week 17

Sunday, January 1

New Orleans Atlanta 11:00 AM FOX
Baltimore Cincinnati 11:00 AM CBS
New York Washington 11:00 AM FOX
Houston Tennessee 11:00 AM CBS
Carolina Tampa Bay 11:00 AM FOX
Green Bay Detroit 11:00 AM FOX
Jacksonville Indianapolis 11:00 AM CBS
New England Miami 11:00 AM CBS
Chicago Minnesota 11:00 AM FOX
Buffalo New York 11:00 AM CBS
Dallas Philadelphia 11:00 AM FOX
Cleveland Pittsburgh 11:00 AM CBS
Arizona Los Angeles 2:25 PM FOX
Oakland Denver 2:25 PM CBS
Kansas City San Diego 2:25 PM CBS
Seattle San Francisco 2:25 PM FOX

2016 NFL Mock Draft Update

Below is our 2016 NFL Mock Draft, which also includes the combine times for the fantasy football skill positions.

Expect this mock to change a ton between now and Draft Day, and expect more rookie analysis to come!

2016 NFL Mock Draft

Updated: 3/28/2016

1 – Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2 – Cleveland Browns: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (4.77 forty)
3 – San Diego Chargers: Jalen Ramsey, S/CB, Florida State
4 – Dallas Cowboys: Joey Bosa, DE/OLB, Ohio State
5 – Jacksonville Jaguars: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
6 – Baltimore Ravens: Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss (tba forty)
7 – San Francisco 49ers: Jared Goff, QB, California (4.82 forty)
8 – Miami Dolphins: Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida
9 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State
10 – New York Giants: DeForest Buckner, DE/DT, Oregon
11 – Chicago Bears: A’Shawn Robinson, DE/DT, Alabama
12 – New Orleans Saints: Leonard Floyd, DE/OLB, Georgia
13 – Philadelphia Eagles: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State (4.47 forty)
14 – Oakland Raiders: Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama
15 – Los Angeles Rams: Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor
16 – Detroit Lions: Robert Nkemdiche, DE/DT, Ole Miss
17 – Atlanta Falcons: Josh Doctson, WR, TCU (4.50 forty)
18 – Indianapolis Colts: Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama (4.54 forty)
19 – Buffalo Bills: Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State
20 – New York Jets: Jaylon Smith, LB, Notre Dame
21 – Washington Redskins: Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson
22 – Houston Texans: Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State (tba forty)
23 – Minnesota Vikings: Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor (tba forty)
24 – Cincinnati Bengals: Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama
25 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana
26 – Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama
27 – Green Bay Packers: Noah Spence, OLB/DE/OLB, Kentucky
28 – Kansas City Chiefs: Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State
29 – Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson
30 – Denver Broncos: (4.87 forty)
31 – Carolina Panthers: Kevin Dodd, DE, ClemsonVadal Alexander, G, LSU
2.01 – Cleveland Browns: Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

2016 Free Agent Tracker Update

Below is our 2016 NFL Free Agent Tracker update. We have each skill position sorted by signed and unsigned.



Kirk Cousins (Re-signed 1-year, $19.953M deal with WAS)
Sam Bradford (Re-signed 2-year, $36M deal with PHI)
Brock Osweiler (Signed 4-year, $72M deal with HOU)
Chase Daniel (Signed 3-year, $21M deal with PHI)
Matt Moore (Re-signed 2-year, $3.5M deal with MIA)
Chad Henne (Re-signed 2-year, $8M deal with JAX)
Matt Schaub (Signed 1-year, $1.75M deal with ATL)
Colt McCoy (Re-signed 3-year, $9M deal with WAS)
Drew Stanton (Re-signed 2-year, $6.5M deal with ARZ)
Dan Orlovsky (Re-signed 1-year, $1.065M deal with DET)
Matt Cassel (Signed 1-year, $2M deal with TEN)
Luke McCown (Re-signed 2-year, $3M deal with NO)
Scott Tolzien (Signed 2-year, $3.5M deal with IND)
Kellen Clemens (Re-signed 1-year, $1.065M deal with SD)

Still Free Agents/Unsigned

Robert Griffin III
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Tarvaris Jackson
Brandon Weeden
Jimmy Clausen
Bruce Gradkowski
Charlie Whitehurst
T.J. Yates
Michael Vick
Matt Flynn
Josh Freeman

Running Backs


Matt Forte (Signed 3-year, $12M deal with NYJ)
Doug Martin (Re-signed 5-year, $35.75M deal with TB)
Lamar Miller (Signed 4-year, $26M deal with HOU)
C.J. Anderson (Re-signed 4-year, $18M deal with DEN)
Chris Ivory (Signed 5-year, $32M deal with JAX)
Khiry Robinson (Signed 1-year, $1.75M deal with NYJ)
Bilal Powell (Re-signed 3-year, $11.25M deal with NYJ)
Shaun Draughn (Re-signed 1-year deal with SF)
Robert Turbin (Signed 1-year deal with IND)
Travaris Cadet (Re-signed 1-year, $840K deal with NO)
Jacquizz Rodgers (Re-signed 1-year deal with CHI)
Mike Tolbert (Re-signed 2-year, $3.3M deal with CAR)

Still Free Agents/Unsigned

Arian Foster
James Starks
Chris Johnson
Christine Michael
Alfred Morris
LeGarrette Blount
Ronnie Hillman
Tim Hightower
Ahmad Bradshaw
Chris Polk
Bobby Rainey
Jonathan Grimes
Donald Brown
Stevan Ridley
Pierre Thomas
Lance Dunbar
Anthony Dixon
Bryce Brown
Matt Asiata
Reggie Bush
Dan Herron
DuJuan Harris
Jordan Todman
Joique Bell
Fred Jackson
Steven Jackson
Kendall Hunter
Toby Gerhart
Bernard Pierce
Montee Ball

Wide Receivers


Alshon Jeffery (Re-signed 1-year, $14.599M deal with CHI)
Brandon Marshall (Second-Round Tender)
Travis Benjamin (Signed 4-year, $24M deal with SD)
Marvin Jones (Signed 5-year, $40M deal with DET)
Rishard Matthews (Signed 3-year, $15M deal with TEN)
Brian Quick (Re-signed 1-year, $1.75M deal with LAR)
Mohamed Sanu (Signed 5-year, $32.5M deal with ATL)
Mike Wallace (Signed 2-year, $11.5M deal with BAL)
Andre Holmes (Re-signed 1-year, $3M deal with OAK)
Jermaine Kearse (Re-signed 3-year, $13.5M deal with SEA)
Marc Mariani (Re-signed 1-year deal with CHI)
Rod Streater (Signed 1-year, $810K deal with KC)
Darrius Heyward-Bey (Re-signed 3-year, $3.8M deal with PIT)
Keshawn Martin (Re-signed 2-year, $3M deal with NE)
Brandon Tate (Re-signed 1-year deal with CIN)

Still Free Agents/Unsigned

Anquan Boldin
Rueben Randle
James Jones
Brandon LaFell
Percy Harvin
Nate Washington
Roddy White
Leonard Hankerson
Lance Moore
Marques Colston
Hakeem Nicks
Jordan Norwood
Chris Givens
Jeremy Kerley
Riley Cooper
Andre Johnson
Wes Welker
Greg Jennings
Andre Caldwell
David Nelson
Bryan Walters
Seyi Ajirotutu
Jason Avant
Ricardo Lockette
Brian Tyms
Nick Toon

Tight Ends


Antonio Gates (Re-signed 2-year, $11M deal with SD)
Ladarius Green (Signed 4-year, $20M deal with PIT)
Dwayne Allen (Re-signed 4-year, $29.4M deal with IND)
Coby Fleener (Signed 5-year, $36M deal with NO)
Ben Watson (Signed 2-year, $7M deal with BAL)
Zach Miller (Re-signed 2-year, $5.5M deal with CHI)
Marcedes Lewis (Re-signed 3-year, $12M deal with JAX)
Craig Stevens (Re-signed 1-year, $2M deal with TEN)
Jermaine Gresham (Re-signed 1-year, $3.5M deal with ARZ)
Logan Paulsen (Re-signed 1-year, $840K deal with WAS)
Garrett Celek (Re-signed 4-year, $14M deal with SF)
Rhett Ellison (Re-signed 1-year, $2.25M deal with MIN)
Michael Hoomanawanui (Re-signed 3-year, $5.1M deal with NO)
Tim Wright (Re-signed 1-year deal with DET)
Rob Housler (Re-signed 1-year, $760K deal with CHI)
Kellen Davis (Re-signed 1-year, $965K deal with NYJ)

Still Free Agents/Unsigned

Vernon Davis
Jared Cook
Clay Harbor
Andrew Quarless
Scott Chandler
Owen Daniels
Daniel Fells
Tony Moeaki
Jim Dray
Garrett Graham
David Johnson
Jeff Cumberland

Sunday Morning Breaking News (Week 16)

Below is our Breaking News Wire for Week 16. Check back all morning long, and stay tuned to our Smart Alerts as well, as news can often break last-minute!

NEWS: According to Rotoworld, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has confirmed that Saints QB Drew Brees (foot) will play today (Sunday/Week 16) against the Jaguars.

FANTASY: He is playing with a torn plantar fascia, know that, but he would be tough to sit in most any situation given his upside. Colston is out, but Ben Watson is expected to play (as of now). Anything can change last minute, so stay on the news and smart alerts all morning!

NEWS: Dez Bryant (foot, ankle) is inactive for Week 16 against Buffalo.

NEWS: Titans declared Marcus Mariota inactive for Week 16 against the Texans.

FANTASY: Zach Mettenberger will start.

NEWS: According to reports, Ravens QB Ryan Mallett will start Sunday against the Steelers.

FANTASY: Jimmy Clausen could be sent in if Mallett struggles early.

NEWS: Vincent Jackson (knee) has been ruled out for Week 16.

FANTASY: Austin Seferian-Jenkins could be a real sneaky Week 16 play, and of course, get ready for a ton of Mike Evans in this one.

NEWS: Jarvis Landry (knee), Lamar Miller (quad) and DeVante Parker (ankle) are all three expected to play Week 16.

FANTASY: Setbacks happen last-minute, so stay on the news if you plan to play any of these guys.

NEWS: Matt Hasselbeck (jaw, back, neck, ribs) is probable for Week 16 against the Dolphins.

FANTASY: This is a risky play. He should start, but anything can happen in warmups, and it’s just not a safe play. Charlie Whitehurst would start if for any reason Hasselbeck couldn’t go last-minute.

NEWS: Alshon Jeffery is looking to be out for Week 16.

FANTASY: Check back last minute but get him out of lineups.

Sunday Morning Breaking News (Week 14)

Below is our Breaking News Wire for Week 14. Check back all morning long, and stay tuned to our Smart Alerts as well, as news can often break last-minute!

NEWS: According to reports, Browns TE Travis Benjamin (shoulder) and TE Gary Barnidge (ankle) are both expected to start Week 14 on Sunday.

FANTASY: Johnny Manziel loves Travis Benjamin, so as long as he remains a go, he is a strong WR this week.

NEWS: According to reports, Chargers QB Philip Rivers (flu) is expected to start Week 13 against KC.

FANTASY: “Expected” is the keyword here, so play this with caution, especially given the QB has lost so many weapons this year. Check back, but for now, he is ‘expected’ to play.

NEWS: NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport has reported that NE TE Rob Gronkowski (knee) will be ready “if needed” for Sunday’s Week 14 game against the Texans.

FANTASY: This went from him not looking likely to play, to looking very likely given that he made the flight with the team… now, he could be ready on an emergency basis, or decoy. This will be a game-time call, so keep checking back on this one!

NEWS: According to reports, Packers RB Eddie Lacy will be the Packers’ top runner on Sunday against the Cowboys.

FANTASY: Last week was a disaster, after Lacy missed curfew and killed fantasy owners in unexpected fashion. This week, he should be considered a RB2 with high upside, but also a touch of risk.

NEWS: According to Rotoworld, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Eagles have “weighed all options” in regards to RB DeMarco Murray including benching him, and the team has already announced that Darren Sproles will be the feature back in Week 14.

FANTASY: Murray owners have had enough, and hopefully most of you own Sproles. Sproles is a very solid flex play this week (with upside for more), while Murray, right now, is looking like a “hopefully something changes in his favor next season” type of player.

NEWS: According to reports, Ravens QB Matt Schaub (questionable, chest) is not expected to play Week 14 on Sunday.

FANTASY: Jimmy Clausen will likely start against Seattle in Week 14.

NEWS: Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore (back) is doubtful for Week 14 against the Seahawks.

FANTASY: If we hear more, we will let you know!

Sunday Morning Breaking News (Week 13)

Below is our Breaking News Wire for Week 13. Check back all morning long, and stay tuned to our Smart Alerts as well, as news can often break last-minute!

NEWS: According to reports, some inactive player updates include, but are not limited to: Garrett Graham, Carlos Hyde, Karlos Williams, Eddie Royal, Larry Donnell, Marlon Brown.

FANTASY: These are just a handful of updates. Get these players out of your lineup for Week 13.

NEWS: Bengals TE Tyler Eifert is doubtful for Week 13 with a pinched nerve in his back.

FANTASY: Rookie Tyler Kroft will start in his place.

NEWS: Titans RB Dexter McCluster is out for Week 13 with a sprained knee.

FANTASY: We should see more David Cobb this week, but we have heard that for a couple weeks now and have yet to see Cobb see his expanded role. Still, if you need a RB, Cobb isn’t a bad option, just know it comes with risk.

NEWS: Jags WR Allen Hurns has been ruled out of Week 13 with a concussion.

FANTASY: Marqise Lee should see more work if you need a WR.

NEWS: Bills RB Karlos Williams (shoulder) did not practice all week has been ruled out of Week 13.

FANTASY: LeSean McCoy owners have to be happy, as the runner should see close to 20 carries in this one.

Sunday Morning Breaking News (Week 11)

Below is our STARTERS Breaking News Wire, which will provide live breaking news all Sunday morning. Keep checking back all morning long, as news often breaks last second, thus we can update the Analyzers multiple times per hour, sometimes 2-3 times within the last 20 minutes!

NEWS: Bears WR Alshon Jeffery (shoulder, groin) is inactive for Week 11 against Denver.

FANTASY: This is horrible news for Jay Cutler and of course Jeffery owners. Get ready for a big dose of Jeremy Langford.

NEWS: Cowboys RB Darren McFadden (groin) is active for Week 11 against Miami.

FANTASY: Most reports suggest he will be close to being without limitation, but it’s tough to know how healthy he is. Turbin is expected to be the backup, but it’s also a guessing game as to how fast he has picked up the offense. It sounds like McFadden is a go, and the matchup is awesome.

NEWS: Bucs WR Vincent Jackson is active for Week 11 against Philly.

FANTASY: There was debate whether or not he’d be active in this one. He is risky given he was very questionable for this one, but get on our forums if you have a dilemma between VJax and someone else. If starting and healthy, he is always a decent play. The question is, is he healthy?

NEWS: The Eagles declared RB Ryan Mathews, QB Sam Bradford inactive for Week 11 against Tampa.

FANTASY: Get ready for a ton of DeMarco Murray. Even Darren Sproles could have relevance in this one now.

NEWS: Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders and Broncos QB Peyton Manning are inactive for Week 11.

FANTASY: Demaryius Thomas should be in for more targets than usual, and Owen Daniels is a solid start, and look for Cody Latimer to get some good run if in desperate need at WR3/4.

NEWS: Panthers WR Corey Brownis inactive for Week 11 against Washington.

FANTASY: Devin Funchess could have a bigger game than usual and is a solid WR3 start this week.

NEWS: Chargers WR Dontrelle Inman will be San Diego’s #2WR in Week 11.

FANTASY: It looks like it’s just Inman and Stevie Johnson at the WR position. Inman is worth a grab in deeper leagues, especially if you are in need this week. Same goes for Stevie.

NEWS: Cowboys QB Tony Romo has been activated off of the injured reserve-designated to return list.

FANTASY: Welcome back, Tony, who will start against the Dolphins in Week 11, which is fantastic news for Dez Bryant and Jason Witten owners.

NEWS: Bills RB Karlos Williams (illness) is no longer on the Week 11 injury report.

FANTASY: The runner could reach double-digit points even playing behind starter LeSean McCoy on Monday night. McCoy is still a RB1, though, don’t let Williams’ solid play and occasional play scare you off on ranking McCoy as a RB1 for as long as he is healthy. His health is a concern, though, so if you own McCoy and do not own Karlos, be sure to try and trade for him last minute in case McCoy gets hurt in Week 11! If McCoy makes it out of Week 11 ok, even more of a reason to go get Karlos on the cheap! You need both!

NEWS: According to reports, Dallas RB Darren McFadden (questionable, groin) could see a reduction in carries in Week 11.

FANTASY: Robert Turbin is likely to be McFadden’s most valuable backup, and then Rod Smith is next in line. It’s a guessing game, though, as we just can’t predict if Turbin will be up to speed in time for this one, so know that both runners, Turbin and Smith, are must-haves if McFadden is a stater for your team. It’s tough cuffing two players to one, but it’s kind of a must until we see Turbin settle into that backup role. With McFadden’s injury history, we strongly believe one of Turbin/Smith will start some games this year… both should be owned in all leagues given that upside!

NEWS: Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch (abdomen) is “questionable” for Week 11, but early reports are leaning in the direction of Lynch playing in Week 11.

FANTASY: Keep tabs on this by staying on this article and our Smart Alerts. For now, he looks like a go, but setbacks happen in warmups. Stay tuned!

Week 5 Sunday Morning News Wire

smitty staff

Below is our running Sunday morning live Week 5 Breaking News Wire. Check back all morning long, and good luck in Week 5!

NEWS: Marshawn Lynch is out for Week 5.

FANTASY: Thomas Rawls will start and Fred Jackson will share carries with Rawls.

NEWS: Redskins WR DeSean Jackson and TE Jordan Reed are both inactive for Week 5 against the Falcons.

FANTASY: Not good for the Redskins. Get both out of lineups!

NEWS: Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. (back) is inactive for Week 5 against the Browns; Lorenzo Taliaferro (foot) is also inactive for Week 5.

FANTASY: That Ravens’ passing attack could struggle to be consistent without Sr.

NEWS: NFL Network is reporting that Julio Jones (hamstring) will be active for Week 5 against Washington.

FANTASY: Of course, setbacks happen, so check back with us all morning long, but we are hearing like “he looks great” today, so get ready for a big Week 5.

NEWS: Bills RB Karlos Williams (concussion) will not play Week 5, and word is that the runner could miss another game.

FANTASY: Boobie Dixon will start Week 5, and it looks like he could start another game as well. Cierre Wood could also get a shot, so watch him. Stay tuned.

NEWS: Bears WR Alshon Jeffery (hamstring, calf) is not expected to play in Week 5.

FANTASY: The hope is Week 6. Jeffery has been one of this year’s biggest busts, given that we are now sitting through a 5th unexpected sit. Still, once back and fully ready to rumble, he should start playing like a fantasy WR1. So, if you have held him this long, don’t sell-low. If you don’t own him, try trading for him on the cheap, as his owner is probably extremely frustrated.

NEWS: Steelers Martavis Bryant (knee) is out for Week 5 against the Chargers.

FANTASY: He suffered some sort of knee injury in practice this week, so it looks like his comeback game will be in Week 6. Get him out of lineups!

NEWS: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Julius Thomas (questionable, hand) will be active for Sunday’s Week 5 contest against the Bucs.

FANTASY: Be careful starting him this week, and monitor this news wire all day, as setbacks happen. Of course, he has talent and could play well if good to go, but it’s tough to say how much action he will see. He is a risky play this week, no question.

NEWS: Bills WR Sammy Watkins (questionable, calf) is unlikely to play in Week 5 against the Titans.

FANTASY: We still love Tyrod Taylor in this one, but get Watkins out of lineups this week. Of course, keep checking back with us in case something changes, but it seems like he is a no-go.