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Number 2 on the Upside Board is…

smitty staff

Ok, folks, No. 2 on the 2015 Upside Board is up! The players have moved around a bit, so if you haven’t viewed the UBoard in a while, check it out!

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Number 4 on the Upside Board is…

smitty staff

Ok, folks, No. 4 on the 2015 Upside Board is up! Each year, I crank out 10-12 bold fantasy football predictions, and I unleash them somewhat slowly heading into the months of March-August.

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Spotlight: Jimmy Graham

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Jimmy Graham

6/25/2015: His 889 yards and 10TDs last year, mixed with his move to Seattle, has many doubting his ability to even get close to Rob Gronkowski in 2015. While Gronk is clearly the top-ranked tight end in fantasy football… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Ameer Abdullah

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Ameer Abdullah

6/23/2015: Ameer Abdullah has some serious upside; in fact, he has monster upside. This isn’t to say I don’t like Joique Bell a lot, as he could have a big season if he can stay healthy. The thing is, though, it’s June, and while Bell could be solid in 2015, we could be looking at a future stud in Abdullah, so dynasty owners need to be on the lookout. His value is consistently rising, so you most likely won’t be able to steal him away from his current owner in any of your dynasty leagues, but it’s worth a try. And, if you can’t steal him away, it isn’t a bad idea to… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: CJ Spiller

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

CJ Spiller

6/16/2015: You gotta love the value of CJ Spiller heading into 2015. He has an ADP in the late 4th-round, or even early 5th, yet he has high-end RB2-type appeal (if not more) heading into 2015. His ADP is around players like Golden Tate, Andre Ellington, Jonathan Stewart, Jordan Matthews and Rashad JenningsRead Spotlight

Article: Top Handcuff RBs in 2015?

smitty staff

Ok, folks, it’s time to look at the Top Running Back Handcuffs entering 2015! This is written in kind of a redraft overview, as we’re talking about 2015, but I do toss in some dynasty insight as well (see Tre Mason), as now is a great time to buy-low on some of these so called ‘back-up’ running backs.

Note: Some teams have duo-type starters, and those players aren’t listed below as handcuffs, as both players in the duo are scoring enough to be starters in fantasy. Some of those players/duos include: Giovani Bernard/Jeremy Hill, CJ Spiller/Mark Ingram and Carlos Hyde/Reggie Bush.

The Top Handcuff in Fantasy Football In 2015

1. Knile Davis (to Jamaal Charles) – In 2014, Davis piled up 463 yards, 6TDs, 16 receptions for 147 yards and 1TD… the dude proved he can ball, and honestly, I think if starting in place of an injured Jamaal Charles, he cranks out near-as-good numbers. There is no safer RB to own in 2015 than Jamaal Charles, if you have him handcuffed to Knile Davis. That duo is my #1 fantasy running back in 2015.

More Elite Handcuffs in 2015

2. Alfred Blue (to Arian Foster) – Like with Knile Davis above, Alfred Blue cuffed to Foster makes for a super-safe RB1 entering 2015. Cuffing Blue to Foster doesn’t make for a super-high RB1, but a strong/safe low-end RB1 for sure… Blue ran for 528 yards, 2TDs, pulled in 15 receptions for 113 yards and 1TD in 2014. He proved that he can be at least a low-end RB1 if given 20+ carries, as he ran for 156 yards in Week 11 against Cleveland. His future is a question mark, so don’t go crazy trading for him in dynasty, but as for 2015 is concerned, he is a MUST for all Foster owners, and if paired with Foster, he makes Foster seem 100x safer as a RB1.

3. Tre Mason (to Todd Gurley) – Because Gurely might not be ready for 2015, Mason has huge appeal early on in the 2015 fantasy football season. He is a PPR talent, too, so even when Gurely is back, he could still be used. I love Gurely, so don’t get me wrong, Gurely will thrive once/if healthy. It’s just a shame such a strong talent, Tre Mason, is a back-up in this league. Mason has low-end RB1-type talent, but that’s a good thing if you are a Rams fan, and a great thing if you can cuff both runners together. This is the third-most important handcuff in fantasy in 2015, and it’s arguably the first- or second-most important dynasty handcuff in fantasy football.

4. Montee Ball (to CJ Anderson) – This could flip should Ball have a huge preseason, and Anderson struggle. But, for now, Ball is the back-up and can be had cheap via trade and draft. All Anderson owners HAVE to own Montee, or you’re playing with fire in 2015. If you own both, you are setup pretty well for low-end RB1-type numbers, and those are safe expectations (if you have both!).

5. Ameer Abdullah (to Joique Bell) – I like Theo Riddick, and he too can be a sleeper if given the chance… but here is a bold statement for someone that also loves Joique Bell. If Bell gets hurt, and I think Bell could have a great year if healthy, Ameer Abdullah will be a super-sleeper RB2 in 2015. This kid is an insane talent, he just needs a shot. I am a huge Joique Bell believer, but that doesn’t mean a team can’t have two players that I like a lot, or a backup that I like just as much as the starter that I support. Abdullah/Bell is a big-time sneaky RB2 in 2015, and I’m trying to own Abdullah in most all leagues even if I don’t own Bell. Joique is old… Abdullah has monster dynasty appeal… Sleeper Alert to the extreme degree, folks!

6. Darren McFadden (to Joseph Randle) – This is another one of those situations that could flip later, but for now, McFadden is the one battling to win the job, Randle pretty much has the gig. For now. Don’t write-off Lance Dunbar either, though. Honestly, I like him the most, but Randle has the burst to run away with the starting job should he put all the other pieces together.

7. Devonta Freeman (to Tevin Coleman) – This could swap all year long, but for now, we have to assume the team will eventually turn to Coleman. Look, I love Freeman, I think he has huge upside in that offense if getting starter carries, but the same can be said for Coleman. Both have RB2 written all over them if given starter carries, and both are must-have players if you own one. Both are a very sneaky RB2 if you want to go cheap at your RB2 this year! Sleeper duo alert!

8. David Cobb (to Bishop Sankey) – This is a big-time sleeper that won’t cost you much. He has a struggling sophomore runner in front of him, so his path to the line-up isn’t a long one. Sleeper alert, folks!

Strong Handcuffs

9. Dan Herron (to Frank Gore) – Gore is in a unique situation, one that could have his 32-year-old body cranking out one more elite season. That said, he is 32, and he has 10 seasons under his belt. Herron is a must-own for all Gore owners, no question. He is also a sneaky-good hold all by himself and would produce if Gore went down. That offense would have him produce by default.

10. David Johnson (to Andre Ellington) – Ellington is healthy, so he is extremely undervalued right now. Some assume he is the back up, but given his PPR role in that AZ offense, he is going to have a nice year if healthy. Johnson is a must-own and would do relatively well if given all the touches, but Ellington is almost the huge sleeper when bringing up this situation!!! Sleeper alert on Ellington!!!

11. Charles Sims (to Doug Martin) – This is another situation that could flip. Both should be owned if you plan to start one at any point this year.

12. DeAngelo Williams (to Le’Veon Bell) – With Bell set to miss 3 games this year, D-Will is already locked into some starts. He is a must own for all Bell owners, but if you draft/owner him outside of owning Bell this year, hold him over the Bell owner’s head in your league and get value now before Bell returns. You might be better off trading him and upgrading somewhere, that’s how I’d use D-Will if I owned just him.

13. Ryan Mathews (to DeMarco Murray) – Should he be forced to start, he will produce in this offense. DeMarco owners have to have both.

The Rest

Robert Turbin/Christine Michael (to Marshawn Lynch) – The duo is almost a must-own for all Lynch owners, as Lynch runs hard and has serious milage entering his 29-age season. Michael is a top 10RB per start, but will he ever start?

Cameron Artis-Payne (to Jonathan Stewart) – Fozzy Whittaker could still be in the mix as a RB2 in CAR, but Artis-Payne has big-time sleeper written all over him given the value, and his value is almost at zero in redraft. Dynasty leagues value him a bit more, but he is still relatively cheap and worth getting if you can. J-Stew staying healthy as a starter seems like a long-shot.

Jerick McKinnon (to Adrian Peterson) – We already know the guy has talent. He is a must-own for all AP owners.

James Starks (to Eddie Lacy) – Lacy plays hard and is carrying a ton of weight on those knees/feet, so Starks is a must-own for all Lacy owners.

Matt Jones (to Alfred Morris) – He won’t take Morris’ job, but he is a must-cuff. If he gets the job via injury, he could surprise.

Andre Williams/Shane Vereen (to Rashad Jennings) – This is a tough one, as either could be solid if Jennings missed time. Which one would get more run? That’s tough to say, but my guess is both would see equal-type touches, with Williams on the ground and Vereen more through the air. That makes it tough to cuff Jennings to a player this year.

Roy Helu (to Latavius Murray) – While Helu won’t be a RB1 if starting, as the Raiders would likely use him and a combo of Marcel Reece/others, he is a sneaky RB2 if forced to start some games, especially in PPR. All Murray owners should cuff the two together, no question. If healthy, it’s L-Murray time, though!

Ka’Deem Carey/Jeremy Langford (to Matt Forte) – This is a battle at the RB2 slot, so time will tell which will be the cuff. If drafting/trading now, it makes it tough. For now, Carey has the job, but Langford is talented.

Danny Woodhead (to Melvin Gordon) – A very good handcuff. Not a must, but close to it. Branden Oliver is still very talented, so if Gordon should miss time, Woodhead won’t get a grip of carries each game, but he is still the cuff to own because of his PPR involvement. In deep leagues, I own all three if I own Gordon. In shallow leagues, where I have Gordon, I grab Woodhead.

Terrance West/Duke Johnson (to Isaiah Crowell) – Last year the Browns proved that they won’t stick with anyone too long should they struggle.

Lorenzo Taliaferro/Buck Allen (to Justin Forsett) – This is a sneaky RB duo to draft even if you don’t own Forsett, but both are almost must-owns for Forsett owners.

Fred Jackson (to LeSean McCoy) – He would rank higher if he was for sure locked into all the carries should McCoy go down.

Jay Ajayi (to Lamar Miller) – He would rank higher if he was locked in as the RB2, which he isn’t – yet.

Brandon Bolden (to LeGarrette Blount) – This is a dice roll but worth a look very late in drafts, especially if you own Blount.

Spotlight: Calvin Johnson

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Calvin Johnson

6/9/2015: He is only 29 (he turns 30 in September), and despite elite receivers dropping off in their 30s, the drop usually takes place at 32, and Calvin is one of those players we’d assume can be an ‘exception’ to the rule, too. But, even if he dropped off during his 32-age season, that leaves him with two more elite years. Every one assumes his decline has… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Brandin Cooks, CJ Spiller & Jimmy Graham

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Brandin Cooks

6/4/2015: Someone has to pull in receptions and TDs in New Orleans in 2015. When entering projections into our Draft Analyzer this week (almost done, by the way – stay tuned on the Analyzers being 2015 ready!), I noticed myself really struggling to get Drew Brees’ stat lines even close to his old totals with Jimmy Graham now in Seattle. While this should indicate a downtick in stat totals in 2015, it should also…Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Coby Fleener & Dwayne Allen

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Dwayne Allen & Coby Fleener

6/1/2015: Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener have huge upside heading into 2015. Now, Allen has trouble staying healthy, so the guy I really like here, because he is way cheap to draft/trade, is Fleener. Both have… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Ryan Tannehill

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Ryan Tannehill

6/1/2015: Ryan Tannehill is a big-time sleeper even though many see his rise coming. Why? There are just so many solid fantasy football QBs, he can only climb fantasy football rankings so far, but he can outperform any ADP climb I can see taking place. He has 6-5 Jordan Cameron and… Read Spotlight