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ARTICLE: Top 10 Fantasy Football Rookies for 2015

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Looking for 2015 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings? Below are the Top 10 Rookies from this 2015 NFL Draft Class. These rankings have video clips attached to each writeup, as well as analysis and predictions for the upcoming 2015 fantasy football season. Rookies, rookies, rookies! Get to it!

Top Ten 2015 Rookies

UPSIDE BOARD: The first player on the 2015 Upside Board is…

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Yep, it’s that time… it’s 2015 Fantasy Football Upside Board time, where the sleeper/super bold predictions live! While there is no schedule for when each name will be released, I wanted to blast this name out ASAP while his value is super-low, something I suspect will change in the coming months. Enjoy!

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ARTICLE: Crazy-Early 2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Dynasty)

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Hey Starters Nation:

Looking for an early 2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft / Rankings heading into 2015? This is a dynasty mock draft, so keep in mind that players like Marshawn Lynch, Peyton Manning, Matt Forte, among others, are going to fall much, much further than they would in a early 2015 fantasy football yearly-league mock draft, but this mock draft should be rather useful to all fantasy leaguers, as for the most part things in redraft and dynasty can often times line-up rather well entering January. On that note, enjoy!

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ARTICLE: Who are the top 20 Dynasty Fantasy Football Players for 2015?

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Are you a dynasty fantasy football nut in need of some 2015 fantasy football content? Well, here is a writeup on the Top 20 Fantasy Football Dynasty Players heading into 2015 and beyond. Note, this is not a fantasy football mock draft, it is more of a value-based board, meaning you will find Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck a lot higher than you’d want to draft them, which ultimately means that I’m suggesting that their values are fantastic when faced off against their early 2015 Average Draft Positions (ADPs). So, again, this is NOT a mock draft, but in many cases will mirror where mocks have some of the players going in early mocks. Enjoy.View Top 20 Dynasty Players

ARTICLE: 2014-2015 Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings (Entire Playoffs Version).

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Hey, everyone. Below you will find our 2014-2015 Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings (for the entire Playoffs). If you want just the Wild Card games set of Rankings, just view our Week 18 Fantasy Football Power Rankings right here. Below is for those playing in fantasy leagues where you draft teams for the entire stretch. That power ranking link above, though, is where you can go weekly to see how we rank each player ‘moving forward’ throughout each week of the playoffs.

2014-2015 Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

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ARTICLE: The #18 Dynasty Player for the 2015 fantasy football season is…

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Below is an early look at 2015, but from a dynasty perspective. So, not only am I predicting for the 2015 fantasy football season and beyond, keep in mind that the assumption being made here is that if you owned one of these players in a dynasty league, you’d keep them for as long as you want, which changes ‘values’ quite a bit. The scoring assumed here is a standard PPR and the line-up requirements are assumed to be 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1Flex, 1DST and 1K. Enjoy!

Also, keep in mind this is NOT a Mock Draft, it is a list of 20 2015 fantasy football players I feel are the top dynasty players of the future. Meaning, I might have a guy ranked super-high and recognize that I wouldn’t draft him that high. Think of it like trying to be ahead of the curve in some cases. In other cases, the players will very much line-up with where you might draft them in a draft.

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SUNDAY NEWS: Live Feed All Day Long (Week 17)

This Week 17 Sunday News topic will be updated all Sunday long!!!

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News: 12/28 – Rob Gronkowski is inactive for Week 17; Tom Brady could sit very early in this game.
Take: Tim Wright will be the main TE in this one and is a sleeper TE start this week.

News: 12/28 – Percy Harvin is inactive for Week 17.
Take: Get him out of lineups.

News: 12/28 – T.Y. Hilton (hamstring) is active for Week 17; However, TE Dwayne Allen (knee) is inactive against Tennessee.
Take: We still like Donte Moncrief along with Hilton this week. Get Allen out of lineups!

News: 12/28 – Jamaal Charles (ankle and hamstring) is active for Week 17 against SD.
Take: With Chase Daniel starting for the Chiefs in Week 17, expect a huge workload for J-Charles.

News: 12/28 – Andre Williams (shoulder) and Rashad Jennings (ankle) are both active for Week 17.
Take: This could be a total split in carries.

News: 12/28 – According to rotoworld, Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders (hip) is expected to play in Sunday’s Week 17 game against the Raiders.
Take: This is a solid matchup and we fully expect a big game out of Sanders and all those Broncos players in this Week 17 contest. Peyton Manning is a high-end QB1 despite his recent struggles, and Demaryius Thomas and CJ Anderson are elite Week 17 nods as usual.

News: 12/28 – According to a couple reports, Bengals A.J. Green (bicep) will play in Sunday night’s Week 17 contest against the Steelers.
Take: That said, no one is sure how well he will play. It would be tough to sit him, however, if your lineup dilemma is legit, get on our fantasy football forums and get some advice. That and run our Week 17 Lineup Analyzer! Mohamed Sanu might be a sneaky WR3 play this week if in need. Jermaine Gresham could be used a lot in this one as well.

News: 12/28 – Julio Jones (oblique) is expected to play Week 17 against CAR.
Take: Despite being less than 100 percent, it sounds like only a last-minute setback will keep the receiver out of this one. Stay close to this news wire and your Smart Alerts, but for now, it seems like Julio is ready to rumble.

News: 12/28 – According to reports, Steven Jackson (quad) will sit Week 17 against the Panthers.
Take: Jacquizz Rodgers and Devonta Freeman will likely split the carries this week, but we sure hope our boy Freeman gets enough touches to prove he has grips of future value. ATL has proven all year long, though, that they don’t know what they have in Freeman.

News: 12/28 – ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Cowboys’ starters practiced all week long last week as if they were going to get their usual workloads in Week 17.
Take: This could go in so many different directions based on game flow, so despite Dallas’ initial intentions when it comes to playing starters in Week 17, it wouldn’t shock us at all to see studs like DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo sit early. Again, we don’t mean to beat a dead horse, and we will certainly be here for you if you play Week 17, but fantasy leagues should not continue playing through Week 17. Too many teams sit stud players. For now, though, you just can sit studs like Bryant, Murray and Romo unless you’re alternatives are insanely-awesome. In those cases, get on our forums and get some advice!

News: 12/28 – Browns QB Connor Shaw will start for the Browns in Week 17 against the Ravens; Josh Gordon has been suspended by the Browns in Week 17 due to breaking team rules.
Take: Now is the time to buy-low on Gordon in dynasty, but buy-low only, as he obviously still has a whole lot of risk attached to him. Just test trade waters and see if his owners are selling dirt cheap to just get rid of him. As for Week 17, things aren’t looking good for Shaw weapon-wise. Andrew Hawkins (thumb) is listed as questionable for this Week 17 game, so stay tuned on that – Taylor Gabriel and Travis Benjamin will start if Hawkins can’t go.

News: 12/28 – As we previously reported, Tom Brady could just play one half in this contest in Week 17, but it’s tough to know for certain what the Patriots have planned. According to other sources, Rob Gronkowski may not play at all in Week 17, and even if he does, he might only play a little.
Take: This again is all speculation, so there is risk on both sides (these guys play more than expected, or play less than expected), which is why we argue against any league playing through Week 17. Julian Edelman and LaGarrette Blount could both sit Week 17, but we won’t know until closer to kickoff. Stay tuned for more updates and Smart Alerts on all these guys!

News: 12/28 – Marshawn Lynch (back) practiced in full on Friday and is probable for Week 17.
Take: The stud is a top 5RB lock each game he starts/plays. Get ready for Beast Mode in Week 17.

News: 12/28 – Jamaal Charles (ankle and hamstring) is questionable for Week 17.
Take: The Chiefs have to win this game against the Chargers to have a chance at making the playoffs, so expect Charles to play in Week 17. However, check back with us (and stay tuned to Smart Alerts) all morning just in case something changes (like in warmups, etc.).

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RADIO: Week 17 Radio Show | Take a listen to our final show of 2014!

Take a listen to Russ Bliss and Smitty talk Week 17 of the 2014 fantasy football season. This is the last show of 2014!

ARTICLE: Week 17 Strength Of Schedule

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If you play in a league that runs through Week 17, here are the defensive rankings against both the run and the pass (yardage and TDs). Hopefully this helps some of you heading into Week 17!

Week 17 Passing Defense Ranks (Yardage)

Rk Team Yds/G (ranked worst at the top)
1 Atlanta Falcons 291.1
2 Chicago Bears 269.3
3 Arizona Cardinals 264.2
4 New Orleans Saints 261.5
5 Baltimore Ravens 255.3
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 255.2
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 254.4
8 Philadelphia Eagles 253.9
9 Houston Texans 251.9
10 Dallas Cowboys 248.1
11 Washington Redskins 246.1
12 New England Patriots 244.9
13 Jacksonville Jaguars 244.3
14 St. Louis Rams 242.6
15 Indianapolis Colts 241.3
16 New York Giants 239.2
17 Cincinnati Bengals 238.1
18 New York Jets 235.9
19 Oakland Raiders 233.4
20 Detroit Lions 232.1
21 Denver Broncos 231.7
22 Tennessee Titans 230.6
23 Green Bay Packers 228.1
24 Carolina Panthers 228
25 Minnesota Vikings 226.7
26 Cleveland Browns 220.1
27 San Diego Chargers 219.1
28 San Francisco 49ers 215.5
29 Miami Dolphins 211.1
30 Buffalo Bills 209.9
31 Kansas City Chiefs 200.2
32 Seattle Seahawks 184.5

Week 17 Passing Defense Ranks (TDs allowed)

Rk Team TD (ranked worst at the top)
1 Chicago Bears 33
2 Washington Redskins 33
3 New York Jets 30
4 Philadelphia Eagles 29
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 28
6 Oakland Raiders 28
7 Denver Broncos 28
8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
9 Houston Texans 27
10 San Francisco 49ers 27
11 Indianapolis Colts 26
12 Minnesota Vikings 26
13 New Orleans Saints 25
14 Tennessee Titans 25
15 Carolina Panthers 25
16 San Diego Chargers 24
17 Miami Dolphins 24
18 New England Patriots 23
19 New York Giants 23
20 Green Bay Packers 23
21 Baltimore Ravens 22
22 Jacksonville Jaguars 22
23 Kansas City Chiefs 22
24 Dallas Cowboys 21
25 Detroit Lions 21
26 Arizona Cardinals 20
27 Cleveland Browns 20
28 Atlanta Falcons 19
29 St. Louis Rams 18
30 Seattle Seahawks 17
31 Cincinnati Bengals 16
32 Buffalo Bills 16

Week 17 Rushing Defense Ranks (Yardage)

Rk Team Yds/G (ranked worst at the top)
1 Cleveland Browns 142.4
2 Tennessee Titans 142.1
3 New York Giants 133.2
4 New Orleans Saints 129.5
5 Kansas City Chiefs 128.3
6 Jacksonville Jaguars 127.3
7 San Diego Chargers 125
8 Minnesota Vikings 123.3
9 Miami Dolphins 122.2
10 Cincinnati Bengals 122.1
11 Green Bay Packers 120.5
12 Oakland Raiders 117.9
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 116.6
14 Carolina Panthers 115.3
15 Atlanta Falcons 113.3
16 Philadelphia Eagles 113
17 Chicago Bears 112.1
18 Indianapolis Colts 111.5
19 St. Louis Rams 108.9
20 Buffalo Bills 105.8
21 New England Patriots 104.3
22 Houston Texans 104
23 Washington Redskins 103.2
24 Dallas Cowboys 103.1
25 Arizona Cardinals 102.2
26 San Francisco 49ers 100.9
27 Pittsburgh Steelers 99.3
28 New York Jets 87.3
29 Baltimore Ravens 86.9
30 Seattle Seahawks 84.1
31 Denver Broncos 80.6
32 Detroit Lions 63.8

Week 17 Rushing Defense Ranks (TDs allowed)

Rk Team TD (ranked worst at the top)
1 Atlanta Falcons 20
2 Tennessee Titans 17
3 Dallas Cowboys 17
4 New Orleans Saints 16
5 Cincinnati Bengals 16
6 New York Giants 14
7 Jacksonville Jaguars 14
8 Oakland Raiders 14
9 Carolina Panthers 14
10 Indianapolis Colts 14
11 Cleveland Browns 13
12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13
13 Philadelphia Eagles 13
14 Miami Dolphins 12
15 Chicago Bears 12
16 San Diego Chargers 11
17 Green Bay Packers 11
18 St. Louis Rams 11
19 Minnesota Vikings 10
20 Buffalo Bills 10
21 Washington Redskins 9
22 Arizona Cardinals 9
23 Pittsburgh Steelers 9
24 Denver Broncos 9
25 New York Jets 8
26 Seattle Seahawks 8
27 San Francisco 49ers 7
28 Baltimore Ravens 7
29 Detroit Lions 7
30 Houston Texans 6
31 New England Patriots 5
32 Kansas City Chiefs 3

RADIO: Week 16 Radio Show | Take a listen to our Wednesday show!

Take a listen to Russ Bliss’ talk Week 16 fantasy football on Russ’ Wednesday radio show!