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Spotlight: Todd Gurley… what is he worth in dynasty and redraft?

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Todd Gurley

3/27/2015: Todd Gurley is a big-time fantasy football prospect heading into 2015, especially from a dynasty angle. Sure, many expect big things during his first season, so he won’t be a deep sleeper or anything in upcoming 2015 yearly leagues; however, even in redraft, he could be extremely undervalued, much like… Read Spotlight

Upside Board: No. 9 is…

smitty staff

The Upside Board, which cranks out 10-12 Bold Predictions each and every year, has a new candidate. Yep, we announced No. 10 earlier in the year, and we have just released No. 9 overall. Take a look!

View No. 9 Upside Board Prediction!

Spotlight: Arian Foster

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Arian Foster

3/25/2015: Is it time to jump ship on Arian Foster? I think so. Could we be jumping ship a year early? Sure, but it’s better to jump early vs. late, especially if you’re getting solid value back, value that is arguable even if jumping ship early. The guy is a two-time Upside Board/Bold Prediction graduate, once during his breakout season in 2010 (at 4th- to 6th-round value), and also last year during his return to the spotlight after a disappointing 2013… so, clearly I’m a big fan of his, but it’s time to get ready for decline while he still commands some serious value…Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Jeremy Maclin

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Jeremy Maclin

3/22/2015: I pumped up Jeremy Maclin in a major way last off-season, but in all fairness, I pumped up Nick Foles and that Eagles passing attack as well, which included LeSean McCoy. While that Eagles offense surprised in both good and bad ways last year, Maclin sure showed up, pulling in 85 balls for 1,300+ and 10TDs… and while… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Adrian Peterson

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Adrian Peterson

3/18/2015: Adrian Peterson news has been all over the map this month, and honestly, it’s likely to remain that way until he is either officially released, traded, or clearly staying put in Minnesota. We reported on Friday, via an interview we did, that Peterson could be in Arizona within a week. While a couple more recent reports have suggested that Peterson’s contract is a ‘non-starter’ for trade talks, especially with AZ, it’s important to note that… Read Spotlight

RANKINGS: 2015 Cheat Sheet Update

smitty staff

Looking for 2015 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets (Dynasty)? These rankings are based on a PPR scoring format and include the 2015 NFL Rookie Class. It’s never too early to prepare for the 2015 fantasy football season, especially from a dynasty standpoint, as off-season trades are where it’s at when it comes to rebuilding. Get some!

Dynasty Rankings

Spotlight: Adrian Peterson to be an Arizona Cardinal?

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Adrian Peterson

3/13/2015: Fantasy Football Starters just got off the phone with a source of ours in Arizona and the speculation is that Adrian Peterson could be an Arizona Cardinal within a week. Take a listen to the quick-hitting interview (lots of dot connecting here, so keep in mind nothing is for sure yet on this, all anyone can do is connect dots at this point):

Spotlight: Torrey Smith

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Torrey Smith

3/10/2015: The 49ers have signed WR Torrey Smith to a five-year contract. It’s tough to say what this does for Smith, as he kind of vanished in Baltimore for a string of games last season. He only posted 49 receptions for 767 receiving yards last season, so suggesting he could be used less moving from Joe Flacco to Colin Kaepernick isn’t an argument I’m willing to make. I think… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Jimmy Graham

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Jimmy Graham

3/10/2015: The Saints have traded Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round pick to the Seahawks in exchange for C. Max Unger and a first-round pick. The Saints needed some cap room, and getting an offensive lineman will help support a Mark Ingram-based offense. This is good news for Ingram, as Brees will still be plenty effective to keep defenses honest, but the move makes it… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Nick Foles

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Nick Foles

3/10/2015: According to reports, the Eagles are trading Nick Foles and draft picks to the Rams in exchange for quarterback Sam Bradford. This is quite shocking, as Bradford hasn’t been able to stay healthy for some time now, and Foles still has all kinds of upside. Now, is St. Louis the best landing spot for Foles? Of course not, but things change quickly in this league, and in 1-2 years we could be looking at… Read Spotlight