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Russ’ 2016 eBook Released

Russ Bliss’ eBook Is Here!!!

russ bliss ebook - 2014 fantasy football starters

Russ Bliss’ 2016 eBook is below!

Updated: 7/30/16

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Ready for our 2015 Fantasy Football eBook?

Ok, folks… each and every year STARTERS nation awaits the release of the current year’s eBook (aka, Russ’ eBook). We have some special additions this year, including:

New Additions This Year

  • Smitty’s Top 23 Sleepers
  • Dana’s Draft Tips
  • Smitty’s Draft Strategies
  • Who’s No. 1 overall?
  • & More
  • … so what are you waiting for, download this year’s 2015 eBook!

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eBook Released: Art of Fantasy Football Trading


Whether you’re in a dynasty league or redraft league, our newest eBook, “The Art of Fantasy Football Trading”, will surely help you prepare for 2014 trading. From conversation tactics to trade ideas, this eBook has you covered!

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