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“Winners at the RB position after the 2015 NFL Draft

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“Winners” at the Running Back position post-NFL Draft

Latavius Murray

Date: 5/5/2015

Roy Helu is in Oakland, and so is Trent Richardson, but the presence of both runners makes Murray ‘risky’ enough to still be undervalued, yet neither back is going to be all that tough to hold off (assuming Murray stays healthy). I love Murray at his undervalued price tag right now, as he has high-end RB2-type upside (if not more), yet he won’t cost you anything close to high-end RB value — For now. Act now, but buy-low, though… going after him via trade and expecting high-end RB2-type value isn’t good GMing, that’s called buying high and missing all the upside.

Darren McFadden / Joseph Randle

Date: 5/5/2015

That Dallas offensive line made DeMarco Murray into a top 1-3 fantasy running back. While I… Read More

2015 Rookie Mock Draft / Rankings

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Ok, STARTERS Nation… with the 2015 NFL Draft behind us, it’s time to reexamine the 2015 Fantasy Football Rookie Class. Here is a 2015 Mock Draft (rookie-only)/Rankings… enjoy!

Updated: 5/3/2015

2015 Rookie Mock Draft / Rankings

1.01 – Todd Gurley (Rams) – RB1

1.02 – Melvin Gordon (Chargers) – RB2

1.03 – Amari Cooper (Raiders) – WR1

1.04 – Kevin White (Bears) – WR2

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2015 Dynasty Rankings Update

smitty staff

Ok, folks… now that the 2015 NFL Draft is behind us, and we know where players like Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper, Kevin White, and others, are playing, it’s time to examine how these players jump up and down within the 2015 Dynasty Rankings.

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Spotlight: Melvin Gordon & Todd Gurley

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Melvin Gordon & Todd Gurley

5/1/2015: I love both landing spots for Todd Gurley (Rams) and Melvin Gordon (Chargers), and due to how far running backs have been falling in recent years, fantasy worlds were nervous about these two guys landing in bad, or even mediocre, situations. For years now, because running backs were falling so far outside the top 32 overall, NFL teams that didn’t absolutely need a top rookie running back were just as likely to draft one, because at some point, the value was just too good to pass up. This had runners, in year’s past, landing in bad situations. This was not the case in round-one of the 2015 NFL Draft. Gurley landing in St. Louis is… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Derek Carr / Amari Cooper

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Derek Carr (QB/OAK)

4/30/2015: Derek Carr was already set for a breakout year this year, but he just landed a true fantasy wide receiver one in rookie Amari Cooper, and the two are going to mature together – and fast. I love this landing spot for Amari Cooper, but I love this move even more for Read Spotlight

Ready for the 2015 NFL Draft?

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Hey, STARTERS Nation! There is one place to be during the 2015 NFL Draft, and that’s on our FORUMS! We will be breaking down each selection as the first-round unfolds, so be there and get involved!

Visit our NFL Draft topic!

Spotlight: Kevin White

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Kevin White

4/27/2015: Kevin White (West Virginia) – It’s hard to argue who is the top fantasy wide receiver prospect in this 2015 NFL Draft.. It’s between Amari Cooper and Kevin White, that’s clear at this point… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: Amari Cooper

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

Amari Cooper

4/27/2015: Amari Cooper is smooth and super fluid. He isn’t a speed specialist (4.42 second forty), but he is such a crisp route runner, and he has amazing hands (despite some drops), and clearly a nose for the end zone. He pulled in an impressive 124 receptions for 1,727 yards and 16TDs in 2014. Again, he had some drops in 2014 and 2013, but… Read Spotlight

Spotlight: DeVante Parker

2015 fantasy football player spotlights

DeVante Parker

4/27/2015: Kevin White (West Virginia) – It’s hard to argue who is the top fantasy wide receiver prospect in this 2015 NFL Draft.. It’s between Amari Cooper and Kevin White, that’s clear at this point. Dorial Green-Beckham has the talent (but might be too raw – for now), and DeVante Parker is grabbing tons of attention as of late, but… Read Spotlight

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